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Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Across the Bay...part 1

We arrived in Ashland at 5:45pm Friday night. The wind was ragging across the Chequamegon Bay at 45mph! The tent blew down for our Book Across the Bay registration and everyone was wondering what the next day would bring. We overheard all this in the parking lot of our hotel. We were blessed to stay at Hotel Chequamegon...the big, beautiful, white, hotel that you see as you come into Ashland on HWY 13 North. Go to Hotel Chequamegon's  website for more photo's and history about this amazing hotel. We enjoyed staying here and the boys loved the history of it. We stayed in the Cable Hayward Suite....next door was the Phillips Suite...how funny we thought...since Mom is born and raised in Phillips.

Our Room...Cable Hayward Suite...yes, we had to drive right through Cable and Hayward to get to Ashland.
Phillips Suite...next door to our Cable Hayward Suite...Mom was born and raised in Phillips...so the boys thought this was fun. We would have liked to stay in the Phillips Suite, but lakeside rooms are a little more expensive and we decided to stay on the city side.

Just take HWY 13 South to get to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I thought of my parents often during our stay in Ashland. Ashland was a favorite place to go smelting as a kid. I have good memories smelting with my Dad, going into that cold water. It was a wonderful time. My Grandma Martha also took me to Ashland many times too. We would eat at The Breakwater Cafe...yes, that is where I took my family to dine Friday night.
The Catholic Church - Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Community.
Because of the wind ... the registration tent blew down. The registration was moved to the Catholic Church. The boys went in to register. Molly and I walked around.

We got registered for our race on Saturday. Next we went out to eat for Lake Superior Whitefish...it was wonderful. We enjoyed the pool and historic hotel the rest of the night. Up next...Saturday exploring Ashland and Lake Superior...Book Across the Bay.
Some of you may not know what Book Across the Bay is...check it out...

Check out this You Tube...for more of the fun.
Part 2 is Tuesday. Have a good day.


  1. Thanks for the pictures etc. Dems my old stompin' grounds. Used to be St. Agnes church when I went there. I like Our Lady of the Lake though. I was surprised it was so small when I went back a couple years ago. As a kid it seemed enormous! LOL.

    As for Hotel Chequemegon, we stayed there when my Dad was buried. I suspect he was playing a few tricks on us when we were there. NOTHING went right. I told everyone it is haunted and others who stayed there said they never had the issues we had (and it was odd). So I said yup, must be Dad playing his old tricks one last time. We had the Butternut which is on the eastern corner, lots of windows! Great room.

  2. Odanah- Thanks for sharing. I love Lake Superior.

  3. Hi Carla,
    Thanks for following my blog. It's nice to meet a fellow Wisconsinite. Loved reading about Book Across the Bay. You were there too. Was this your first time? We live about six blocks from where BATB started. I drive by Hotel Chequemagon all the time. The restaurant has good Nachos. My oldest daughter help volunteer to set the tent up again on Saturday. Quite a process to set up for the race. I've never seen the BATB video before so enjoyed watching that.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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