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Friday, February 11, 2011

Good bye for now

Today Sam lost his first and second grade teacher. Her name was Ms. Halverson. When your a little boy, you usually fall in love with that first teacher. That is what Sam did with Ms. Halverson. She was a fantastic teacher and Sam enjoyed her. She left when he moved up to third grade. She moved to Seattle, Washington. She taught in Seattle and met the man of her dreams, CJ. They were married August 16, 2009. They got married in Barron and Sam was asked to carry the train, with some of his other classmates. It was an honor for him. He was surprised she was getting married, for he thought she was going to wait for him.
In November of 2010 she was diagnosed with cancer. She went quick...she died this morning, February 11, 2011, she was in her late 30's. We know she is happy and new again up in heaven. She is no longer in pain. We will see her again...when we meet Jesus.
It is hard to see Sam, but he is behind Ms. Halverson in a blue shirt....next to his friend McKenna.
CJ and Michele.

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