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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fern Anderson, August 4,1926 - March 18, 2011

We have lived in our home for ten years. We have been blessed with wonderful neighbors. Fern Anderson was our neighbor across the street from us. She loved the boys and enjoyed visiting with us. November 2009 her friend that took care of her died. The boys told her they would be happy to get her mail, take out the trash and do other small jobs for her. They started in November of 2009 and got her mail, took out her trash, helped her do a few chores and visited with her. If the boys had friends over, they would take their friends over to meet Fern. She always listened and loved them. She loved me and Jeremy too. She always took great interest in what we were doing.
Focus on the Family publishes a magazine for kids called, Club House. Club House challenges the kids each summer with a different theme. The summer of 2010 was God's Great Team - it was a challenge of serving, memorizing a bible verse and why you chose to memorize that verse. You had to write an essay explaining your service. The boys got published with the essay they wrote about serving for Fern.
Sam, Atticus and Fern are up on the top of the page. A friend shared,"how great the boys have a reminder of Fern, how God used them to help her." Yes, that is true. The boys already miss Fern and so do Mom and Dad. She was a fun lady. We are thankful we got to know her.

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