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Friday, March 4, 2011

Honest....it is just Sarsaparilla!

We love to visit our local Historical Museum, Pioneer Village Museum. You can visit the saloon and purchase old fashion soda. Cream Soda,Sarsaparilla, Orange Cream, and Birch Beer are a few of the flavors. Each bottle has a cool Out West picture. We love the soda and the bottles. I keep the bottles and use them as vases when I give my flowers away to friends. Back to the story of the day...
Honest...it is just Sarsaparilla!
Our youngest...yes, he is a class clown!

Have a great weekend!
Here is the link to our local Museum.
We went to the Civil War Nighttime tour. It was amazing, and one of our favorite events at the museum. It is a fun place to spend a day. The Museum has different events throughout the summer.


  1. Ew, that eyeball shot is just scary! ;-) Cute kids.

    I love that museum. I remember when Bobby was there demonstrating the use of her spinning wheel! Can't she pleeeeease move back here?!

  2. I will have to ask Bobby about her spinning wheel! We all wish she would move back too! She makes the boys laugh with her stories.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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