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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center Ashland, Wisconsin

We stopped at the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center on our way home from Book Across the Bay. An amazing building, a five story observation tower resembling a lighthouse. We had fun looking at the exhibits and listening to the wind howl outside. The wind was so strong, the doors had to be locked because the wind opened them. I enjoyed the exhibit about trees. We hope to visit again in the summer so we can enjoy the interpretive trails.
White Pine
Yellow Birch
Sugar Maple
Balsam Fir
We have been trying to learn our trees during our summer hikes. It is a fun trivia when we are out in the woods. We also are learning bird songs. We saw three robins and heard a robin. All three robins were sitting on a Sugar Maple. :) Check out the Northern Great Lakes at the following site.


  1. I love that place. In the summer they have learning stations set up outside for kids. I think it's the coolest visitor center I've ever seen. We should try to get together the next time you're in Ashland.

  2. I love places like this! Also, until a few years back, Ashland had a gorgeous old train depot. Then it burned to the ground. :-((


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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