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Monday, August 29, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane....Kiev, Ukraine

I was told, you have to carry what you pack. I would not have a husband or extra time to get my bags from here to there! I packed a big suitcase. I put some of my items for the children in the suitcase and some of it in my carry on. Just in case...yes two members of our team had their luggage lost! They had one change of clothing in their carry on. We were in Kiev for two weeks. They had one change of clothes! Their luggage arrived two days before we started back to the States! Thankfully, several of the other guys on the team gave them stuff to wear. We did not have laundry facilities.
The cool backpack, was my son Sam's. He still thinks it is cool is backpack went to London, England and Kiev, Ukraine.
I packed simple outfits, bedding and a travel pillow. Some art supplies, sidewalk chalk, candy, prizes for the kids and some snacks. We were told to bring some snacks...I brought nuts, dried fruit and granola bars. I did not know I needed to bring a water bottle. Once settled in our quarters at the Shelter,  I had to boil some water and sanitize someones plastic Coke bottle. I was so afraid, because we were warned over and over not to drink the water out of the tap. I boiled the water and poured into the bottle. (we had an electric hot water pot, for making tea in our quarters at the Shelter) Of course the heat started to melt the bottle. I quickly poured it out. My bottle was disfigured, but everyone knew it was mine!
Jeremy seeing me off. Our Pastor drove us to the Airport together. It was not easy for me to say goodbye. It was not easy for Jeremy to let me go. He would not hear from me for over a week!

More to come...stay tuned.

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