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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Looking at Grandma's Treasures

After my Grandpa Sam passed away, my Grandma decided to move to an assisted living apartment complex. We helped her pack and also had a chance to look at some of her treasures. Old letters, photo books, year books and love letters. I found this one...I read it aloud...my Grandma blushed and laughed so hard. I could see her going back to the day she received this note. It was a fun day, even though we missed Grandpa.

Girls like tulips in the park - But boys like two lips in the dark

Do you have a treasure box filled with fun letters, photos and other goodies?


  1. What a treasure indeed! Wasn't it fun to come across that cute little love poem.♥ Makes me wonder whatever happened to my mom and dad's stuff like that. So nice that you had that special time.

  2. I have a box filled with photos and other stuff. I think one day I will create a collage or a memory book for my kids and grand kids to look at.



High Fives from Wisconsin!

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