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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sharing the quotes I hear

I am going to start a new feature...sharing the quotes I hear. This will feature things kids share with me. I am a 5th - 6th grade Sunday School teacher and a part time teachers aid. I also have two boys, so you hear a lot of fun stuff along the way.
Our school has Phy Ed at our local Community Center. I help transport the kids over to the BACC. On our way, a dear little second grader shared with me, "Carla, this is a perfect truck for you. It is small, like you. It  is cozy, which is just right for your family, you can be cozy. It is the perfect truck for you" "Yes, it is. I like our truck." I answered.
Just the other day, we purchased our 2012 Wisconsin State Park sticker. The DNR fella was shocked as he looked at all the stickers on our window. "This truck can not be that old!" We laughed. "It is! In fact we missed a couple years of purchasing a sticker." "Wow, it looks good. Have fun!"

We will have fun. Traveling in our small, cozy, can not believe your truck is that old for another year.
Do you have a story about your car? Does your vehicle have a name? Our truck does not have a name.  We did race it against a mini van one time. This was a good five years ago...one of our friends raced us from church to our house. There are two ways to get to our house from our church...so it was  a battle of which way was faster!

Have fun today!

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  1. KIds say the sweetest things! I too am a Sunday Sch. teacher of 2nd & 3rd graders...with hubby as helper & co-teacher. Last week the roads were terrible and as our only boy attending....walked into our classroom he said with a grin...we can start now, we're all here! Little funny man! .... I like how your little truck is perfect for little you.. How many women would like to get that compliment! and what's better than 'cozy'? not much =)


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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