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Monday, February 20, 2012

We made it!

We did it! We skied our third Book Across the Bay. It was a great weekend, filled with family memories.
Jeremy and the boys took the truck over to Washburn, then they got a ride on the bus back to Ashland. (no snow! thankfully we had some snow on Chequamegon Bay)

We are ready to go. We decorated with glow sticks. I have glow stick sun glasses on top of my hat. We all are wearing our 2012 Book Across the Bay t-shirts.

Announcements - the crowed goes silent as the announcer stress that we all stay on the trail, because of the poor ice conditions. Also to inform us we all will be going over a bridge, that is protecting us from a pressure crack in the ice that is 16 inches.

Our skis waiting for the fun.

Ashland oredock...the announcer also told us, this will be coming down this year. 2013 Book Across the Bay will look a bit different.

Special treat....we got to meet a blog friend and her family. We attended the church they pastor, Grace Bible Fellowship, in Washburn, Wisconsin. We had a wonderful time.

Blog friends meet!    

God has given you to me as a friend. I thank him every day.


  1. I thought about you over the weekend and hoped you wouldn't fall through the ice - it was SO warm on that day!!! Kevin assured me that there was at least 16 inches of ice. No way am I going out on ice unless it's a few feet thick. :-) Your Book Across the Bay looked like a fantastic time! How nice you got to meet your blogging buddy. :-)

  2. Congratulations on finishing. I admire your willingness to ski the course no matter what the conditions were. Unlike me who was holding out for more snow. Your glow stick glasses are great. I love your pictures and how they tell a story. (How do you get your initials on the picture?)

    Thanks so much for coming by. It was a lot of fun to meet your family. Now when I read your blog I can hear your voice. We can upgrade out status from "Blog Friends" to IRL (In real life) friends.

  3. Just a suggestion - maybe you should link this post to your 2011 BATB posts.

  4. That looks like such fun! We have never skied so I'll just have to imagine the thrill of it! Our adult children ski now and again...and enjoy it. How nice to meet up with another blogging friend! And a family of faith too.....whoops...I see you have the new word verification on. I've been having difficulty recognizing the words...they are making it too hard I think.

  5. What beautiful memories...love your post.


  6. So fun to see your pictures of the ore dock! We've visited the Viks several times as they are friends from *here* who moved up there. You are a braver woman than I am...I'm not much of a cold weather kind of gal. How fun for your family to experience the book across the bay together! :)
    Thanks for stopping by Life, Love and Laughter.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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