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Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Harvest

Happy Harvest
Our shop Studio 206 has several fun cards to send for a Happy Harvest message or a Happy Halloween.

 Mighty Buck! A perfect card to send to your hunter, to wish him or her luck.
 Mr. Cute Chipmunk, sitting in the autumn leaves. He is waiting to wish someone a Happy Autumn.
Happy Thanksgiving
 This photo card is just right to wish someone a Happy Thanksgiving.
Happy Halloween!
 Trick or Treat - Smell my Feet - Give me something good to EAT!

Studio 206 has several fun cards for the autumn holidays. Check out our Lego collection for something unique. 

Thank You! 


  1. Beautiful pictures, funny sentiments. My favorite is the corn and the trick or treat. Really great cards.

  2. Great cards. I especially like the Lego ones.

  3. Happy autumn! These cards are all so clever. I love the Trick or Treat one especially, and the beautiful first one of the woods and deer...but then they're all fantastic!

  4. Beautiful autumn cards! I especially love the corn. I found you this morning at Cranberry Morning. Nice to meet you!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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