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Friday, October 19, 2012

Rodeo Houston part 2

On the Road Friday
We will take a trip inside the Reliant Center and take a peek of all that is offered at the Rodeo Houston! (If you are wondering why I am saying Rodeo Houston, instead of Houston Rodeo, that is what they call it in Texas) :)

Texas Longhorn 
 I was so excited to meet a Texas Longhorn! The only cattle breed in America which truly adapted to America! Intelligent, easy to work and handle.
Of course when we want a photo with a Longhorn, he decides to take a bite of hay!

The lambs where born right in the Reliant Center! The Texas Farm Bureau does an amazing job of educating folks about farming and feeding the world. Wonderful!! God Bless our Farmers!
 Texas sheep producers shear 600,000 sheep every year.
Texas is number 12 in the nation with corn production. Iowa is number 1 with  2,292,163,101 yearly bushel production!

Texas is also number 12 with pork production.

Elsie the cow. She was so sweet and pretty.

Meeting the animals. Pigs, chickens, turkey, goats, sheep, cows, you name it, it was in the Reliant Center, Houston, Texas!

The Texas Farm Bureau had trading cards to collect about each AGventure we toured. The boys are collecting from some nice cowgirls.

Bees! About one-third of all the food Americans eat is dependent upon honey bee pollination.

Texas #1 with Beef population.
  Texas has the most beef cattle in the United States.

Thank you for coming with me...meet here next Friday for the Rodeo!
Have a great weekend. 

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