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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Welcome Little B

Today, I introduce you to our new family member.

 Little B

 Little B
He is a sweetheart. He has a loud purrr. He loves to cuddle and is so soft. You cannot help but say "Oh, Little B"
 Well, Max our dear orange cat. He did not say "Oh, Little B." It was more like what Garfield does to his little buddy Nermal.
But, we caught Max giving Little B a bath! We knew then, Little B put his charm on Max.
Max does not get to sleep as much as he use to. He usually gets woke up by Little B. Max is getting better at finding good hiding places to sleep.
All in all, they have become good friends.
 And what about Molly? Little B likes Molly, but not as much as Molly likes him.
I think, three in a bed will be coming soon.

Little B sends you a big purrrrr.
Happy Tuesday 


  1. That is just the most darling thing ever!! I wonder if Tuppence would allow another cat into her life. She is so lonely without Lionel.

    Little B is one cute little fluff ball!

  2. Precious. Truly precious. Little B is adorable. What a happy home you have, even the animals get along :)


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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