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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snow + TePaske's = Snowmen

Our little neck of the woods recently got a nice snow fall. We were very happy! All four of us got out and built snowmen.
This handsome snowman greets you at our front door.
Because we do not use our front door in the winter, he is actually blocking the front door. 
 Atticus built this snow monster.
I love his angry eye brows!
 Jeremy and I built this fine Lady of the Snow. She is all ready to hit the town.
 Sam built a Lego snowman!

Guess what we are in for right now?
No, I am not joking.
No, we do not like this kind of winter. We like snow winter, it does not snow at -30.

Staying warm and looking outside at our snowmen...I think they might even be cold tonight!    


  1. That second snowman looks like me when I stepped outside yesterday morning with the dogs and just about got blown away by that horrid, frigid wind! Grrrr.

    Did I ever tell you that whenever I say the name TePaske, it sounds like a treat I'd get at the bakery. 'I'll take a dozen TePaskes, please.' :-)

  2. I bet Jeremy could come up with a "TePaske" treat at the bakery!!!! Love the snow people!

  3. you win all snowman awards!!! how fun! stay warm!

  4. Cutest snowman I have ever seen. Love the lego idea also. -30?? Ugh, guess I will keep our Utah weather. Stay warm!

  5. I loved seeing your snowmen!! The snow monster is my favorite...but the others are close seconds! very close. Stay cozy...=) We've never been as cold as you guys. And/I'm not too far away from the woodburner every day.

  6. Wow. Your family created some beautiful and funny snow art! Your snowmen are so cool...get it, cool :). I love the lady of the snow the best.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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