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Saturday, May 25, 2013


I am part of the Wisconsin Street Team,  The Moo Crew on Etsy. 

Being part of a team is helpful with your adventure of having a business and sharing your business on Etsy. I like that you are able to ask questions and other sellers may have experience in the area you need help.

You are able to meet other artists and learn what works for them. They can give you ideas for your shop. And I ended up chatting with a seller and she found my last name unique. She asked if I was related to Jason TePaske. Well, yes, he is my husbands brother. She use to have a store next to his. Wow, how fun.

I recently met Heather of Shamrock Soaps, she asked the Wisconsin Street Team to join her in a giveaway.

Click on

Cards from Studio206 featured in the giveaway.

You will receive two blank cards,  Spy Cat and Yellow Zinnia. And one Happy Birthday card Brick Kayaker.
Good Luck!

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