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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day

Happy May Day
The following photos were taken last week. I got out early and took some great photos of what I thought had to be our last snow of Spring 2013!
Today, May Day, it is snowing again! We are to get about nine inches or more. And get this, yesterday we hit 77 degrees!

Happy May Day
Wisconsin Style
I love the blue sky in this photo.

Our apple tree, all white.

Mr. Robin asking me "Got Worms?"

My favorite photo.

Our birdhouse. I think it is available for rent. 
May Fun Facts
May 1st - Look for Morel mushrooms
(good luck with that)  
May 5th - Orioles arriving
(unless Mr. Robin called and told them to stay until June)
May 14th - Lilacs blooming
(maybe not here in Cameron, Wisconsin)
May 22nd - Monarch butterflies arriving
(unless Mr. Oriole gave him the message from Mr. Robin)

May 26th - Deer fawns being born


  1. The snow pictures are beautiful,
    but in May? I can't believe it was
    77 one day, and snow the next!
    Just Crazy!


  2. Sorry you still have snow but it made for some very beautiful pictures.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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