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Thursday, May 16, 2013

The life of two cats

The life of our two cats.
The gray cat is a kitten...but you would not know it, he is just as big as Max. Max our orange cat is 3 years old. Needless to say he was not happy we brought a kitten into his life last October.

As this photo shows, the two have become best of friends. 

One of our favorite things to do is to find where and how they are sleeping. We chuckle each time we find them. 
Today they are cozy on Atticus' bed, looks like they are sleeping with a stuffed snake or using it as a pillow.

How about you, do your pets sleep in fun places?   


  1. Hi Carla, We don't have any pets but I sure loved seeing yours! they are so cute. Its funny how things turn out in the end, happy endings are such a blessing. I was glad to hear you love French Pressed coffee too. It seems not many people I know (if any) ever heard of it. Well...I'm 65 and I just enjoyed finding it myself...hahah so there I am. too.

  2. Love this photo, Carla! Reminds me of Lionel and Tuppence, how we always found them snuggled up together, usually on our bed, but sometimes on the guest bed. Do you ever find them under the blankets? That's one of Tuppence's favorite places to sleep now. She'll slither between the sheets and we'll find a big lump in the bed. lol


  3. Sharon May l7th

    Love the picture Carla! Max and Little B (not so little anymore) are adorable
    together. Isn't it great they get along so well now?
    My 2 dogs do not snuggle like that. Must be a cat thing!

  4. They are so sweet. My 2 cats don't snuggle like that. They barely tolerate each other. Although they have started to play together a little (it's taken them 2 years to do that).

  5. So love cats.. That pic is adorable..

  6. Nothing like two fur babies sharing the same nest.



High Fives from Wisconsin!

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