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Thursday, May 2, 2013

You have to be kidding me!

May 2, 2013
Cameron, Wisconsin
 It is true, I am not kidding, we got over a foot of snow last night and yes it was still snowing into the day.
My sweetheart bikes to work. It is not far, so he likes to take any  challenge the weather gives him. I asked him if he was SURE he wanted to attempt it today. "No problem" he said.
 See that leg go down, he was starting to fishtail it in our driveway. He called me once he got to work. "I made it" he said, all excited.
 I wondered if our mail lady would make it today. She did! Snow, Rain, Sleet, it never stops Sally our mail lady.
 Our front yard.
 Monday we had a high of 77 degrees. The boys started a new tree fort. Atticus jumped up to check things out.
 Our maple, keeps trying to say "Hello Spring."
I do love the buds. They are so detailed with beauty
 "Do you think it will snow on my birthday Mom?" asked Atticus as he hid in the pine tree.
His birthday is May 18th.
 Our lilac bush is all budded and ready for spring.
 The heavy snow is taking its toll on the tress. I am amazed at the weight the branches can take.

How about you? Did you receive any snow today?
What is the latest snow fall you can remember?

Happy Spring!  


  1. Oh my... We live in Canada and I pray this does not happen again.. smile..
    Thanks for following my blog and so glad to find yours..
    God bless..

  2. Oh, I am now a linky follower..

  3. Unbelievable! It is beautiful but...but...but... Your husband was brave, biking in all that white stuff! Snow like that always gives me a sense of wonder....

  4. Oh No -- snow in May is so depressing. We had snow May 10, 1990. It certainly wasn't over a foot. Just a few inches --but that was enough to cause damage. Most of the trees had their leaves already so a lot of tree branches broke and trees came down. At the rate you are going, you will get to ski on all your birthdays.

  5. What(!). That is CRAZY. I can't believe you got more snow. And...your husband still biked to work. That's impressive. I hope that by May 18th, the green grass makes a permanent appearance.

  6. This may be your first year to be able to ski in May. Love the mailbox picture.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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