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Monday, January 6, 2014

Ice Fishing

 Ice Fishing in Wisconsin
We have several memories of taking the boys out ice fishing when they were little guys.
I was new to ice fishing. Jeremy introduced me to it.

Our first year we drove out on the lake in our car. Sam was one years old. I was very nervous about driving out. Jeremy told me if I got cold I could sit in the car and we would have no problems at all. We did have a good day of fishing. We caught a nice meal of fish. And little Sam enjoyed his day outside. Soon it was time to go, we all got in the car and we spun and spun and spun. We were stuck! Of course I was the calm new mother...NOT..."Jeremy, you told me we would be fine driving out here!" 
"No problem, Carla, I will go ask the guys up ahead to give us a push."
And so Jeremy brought back with him four drunk men to help push the car.
"Little Mama, you get in and hold on" they yelled at me.
And so I did. And yes we made it out.

I was real happy when Jeremy found this Quick Flip on clearance.
It is nice and cozy in a little shelter.

 Pulling the gear out to our spot.

 Having fun...playing with the fishing pole.

Sliding down the hill is more fun! When you are not catching any fish!

How about you?
Have you gone ice fishing?
What is your secret to catching fish?

Stay Warm!


  1. I loved these pictures and your story of your first experience ice fishing. The first time I experienced people ice fishing, I thought I was in the movie Grumpy Old Men. It's a bit surreal. I actually kind of like it, if only it weren't so cold :)

  2. My mountain man has done the ice fishing , I like my feet on firm ground ~ well at least on land LOL

  3. it makes me cold just looking at these pictures. I have zero experience in catching fishes...but I know how to clean and cook them


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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