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Monday, January 27, 2014


 Happy Monday ~ I know many of you are bracing for another blast of Arctic Air! The wind is just a howling outside as I write this. We have  several  huge drifts forming outside. It has been a winter to remember!

 My dad records the temperature when he wakes up and the temperature when he heads to bed. He also writes total snowfall or rainfall for that day or any other significant thing to remember about that days weather.
It is fun to look back at his calendars from years past. In October he predicted that the 2013 - 2014 winter was going to be FAST (as in ending quickly...we had winter until the middle of May in 2013!) and FEROCIOUS (so far he has been right on about this!)
How about you? Do you keep a daily record of the weather?


  1. This year I would rather not keep a record..had another 6 inches over the weekend and almost got stuck on our road going to work this morning because of the snow drifts. Janice

  2. No record but I do once in a while record it in my journal. This is a year to remember isn't it! Brrrr. I like your cartoon....thats a cute one. I love a good add or a cartoon that hits the nail on the head. Once in a while, I"ve regretted not keeping a 'laugh' jounal. All things that made me chuckle or howl over the years. Chuckle....howl doesn't fit in with my image....lol. Stay cozy!!

  3. I have always wanted to keep a digest of weather info, especially since neither one of us have really great memories, and there are times we would like to know info from the past month. I admire people like your dad that take the time, and have the dedication to record this info!

  4. That's awesome that he keeps a record of the weather each day. I don't do that, but I do always look at my temperature gauge before heading outside in the morning to know how many layers I need to put on haha. I just rely on my memory of past weather trends and I don't think I will forget this winter for the rest of my life!

  5. it has been brutal here in TN. After 7 years in our house, I finally did tons of landscaping last May...I am afraid a lot of those bushes and plants are now dead. I will wait until Spring and hope for green leaves to come in.

  6. How sweet is your dad. I hope he is right about winter ending fast. I am ready to move on to Spring.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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