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Friday, January 3, 2014

On the Road Friday ~ Down a Valley

Hello Friends,
Today I am going to share with you about a trip we are taking right now.
Christmas night, my grandma was rushed to Marshfield Hospital. 
At this time we are waiting to see what is going on.

My family did not get to celebrate Christmas together. That is kind of strange. You know how you find a perfect, fun gift to give a loved one, and you can not wait to give it to them. 
Now it sits waiting all wrapped pretty. And the feelings are not exactly the same.

Our boys are doing well. Yes, they are sad for great grandma and for not celebrating our family Christmas. 

The good stuff that comes out of all this, is the bond you make with family. We all have come together to help each other. Our family is spread out. We take turns helping at the hospital. We encourage each other and work together with decisions.

We have made several trips to Marshfield to visit my grandma at the BIG hospital. 
Both of our boys read out loud to great grandma, she loves that!

I will keep you posted as we walk down this valley as a family.

Do you have any ideas to help pass hospital visits?
Reading out loud as been fun for us so far.
The boys read Weird Animal Facts and showed great grandma the pictures. That was fun for her.

Thank you for your prayers.
Have a good weekend.
And stay warm! Wisconsin is getting hit by another cold blast!


  1. God bless you! I know this is a hard time and will pray for your family.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. It is hard any time of the year, but I think it would be especially hard at Christmas. I'm glad you are able to be there and visit with her. I know she appreciates it! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. So sorry to read about your grandma, but glad that your family is near to spend time with her. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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