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Monday, March 17, 2014

Let's Hike

 I am getting excited for our first Spring hike. 
Mushrooms, wildflowers, green plants and new life in the woods.

 One of my very favorites, the Trillium.

For all who seek the true places.

 I have been crossing my fingers that the COLD winter we experienced will have killed the wood-tick population. 
I know it is bad to want something to go extinct...but oh, do I hate wood-ticks.
I pull up my socks and hit the trail anyway. 
God has created so much for us to enjoy.
I guess wood-ticks too.

 It is not down in any map; true places never are.
Herman Melville ~ Moby Dick

 This is what I take along on my hikes.
My walking stick.
A snack or two.
A field guide of some kind.
For my spring hikes I pack along my 
Wildflowers of Wisconsin
Field Guide
by Stan Tekiela

It is Discovery
Not Distance 
That Matters

 My walking stick was made for me by my two boys.
They added a few love notes on it for me.
On top you will see a spider. Yes, I do not like spiders or wood-ticks.
MOM ~ for me.
Ukraine ~ I traveled to Ukraine in 2006 for mission work. They both know how special that trip was to me.
A bird...because I love birds.

One of our best finds. 
 A Pink Lady's Slipper.
I was so excited to find this Spring flower.

Are you getting excited to go for a hike after the long winter?
Do you like to search for wildflowers, mushrooms or birds?

Wishing you a great start to your week.



  1. What a very special walking stick. Two homes ago, we had 5 wooded acres and a creek to explore. We had wild iris, trilliums, ferns etc. and a wide variety of wildlife. It was fun to take photos in the different seasons.
    Thanks for sharing today and Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  2. Oh yes, I am excited to hike in the woods once everything starts coming back to life! Except the ticks, ugh! Maybe the super cold winter did kill a bunch of them off. We can only hope!

  3. Living by the water we have sand ticks and I hate them as well. Good luck hiking! Janice

  4. You're starting to rub off on my Carla! I'm excited to go hiking! Can you believe it?!?!

  5. I'm really excited for spring and hikes! I should be on the lookout for more of nature's beauty but I'm usually just soaking it up as I get exercise. What a special walking stick you've got!

  6. Your guys did a great job on that walking stick! I love it! And yes, I hate wood ticks too, but I hate deer ticks even more. One summer I had to go to the doctor 2ce to get Doxycycline (sp?) because of Lyme disease. Grrrrr. They're nearly impossible to see.

  7. Oh yes, wood ticks. I am not a fan. Love your walking stick. How sweet that it was made for you by your boys who added such sweet and thoughtful details. As always your pictures are beautiful...and, yes, I can't wait to go for long spring walks.

  8. I don't like ticks either!! I love the special memories marked on the walking stick, and the fact that they made it for you

  9. I love your walking stick! You know, I could even handle the wood ticks, it's the deer ticks that scare me so.
    After reading your post, I am thinking morels! Oh, to taste that first morel of the season!

  10. I am ready for a hike like this!! We have pink lady's slippers and trilliums in our woods as well. I look forward to them every year...plus, jack in the pulpits and morels!!!

  11. One of my all time fave flowers but we will not see them for at least 2 months,.. xo


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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