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Friday, March 28, 2014

On the Road Friday ~ A Trip to Kadinger's Salvage and Recycling

We are on the road today, to Barron, Wisconsin.
We will be visiting Kadinger's Salvage and Recycling.

September of 2013 we toured Kadinger's for a school field trip.
I learned so much. I was so surprised how much recycling is done with cars and trucks.

Tires in good shape are priced and sold to motorists.
Other tires are retreaded...reducing waste.

Waste oil, drained from vehicles, is re-refined and reused as commercial lubricant or heating oil...saving energy.

Good batteries are sold. While damaged batteries are taken to a battery recycler.

Reuseable parts are cleaned and readied for sale. For example radio, engine, automatic transmission, rotor, windshield, suspension, door, radiator....

What remains of the vehicle is processed to recover valuable metals: iron, steel, aluminum, saving our natural resources.

 This machine has a huge magnet on it.
It was so fun to watch it work.

The boys could not wait for this part.

Can you hear my boys yelling "Cool"

Already to be recycled.

 As we were walking out from watching the E-Z CRUSHER, my husband spotted this ol' ambulance.
He thought it would make a fun car to do a road trip in.

If you missed my post Wednesday  check out my dream car.

Have a great weekend.
Thank you for coming along today.


  1. I enjoyed the info and photos. Seeing the old hearse reminds me of an exterminator service that uses an old hearse painted bright yellow called Bug Busters!

  2. What a great time I've had coming along by blog...grin. Really! That crusher is amazing. I'm sure your boys were loving it all. And the old ambulance is an attention getter for sure. I've never seen one like that except in movies maybe. =) Hope your day is everything nice!

  3. That old ambulance is pretty cool !

  4. That ambulance looks like a good project car for your hubby!
    I bet your tour was interesting. It's good they recycle so much.

  5. Now the machine with the magnet would be a dream machine to play with...bump, drop, pickup, bump...


  6. Now this brings back memories. When I was little my Dad would go to the junk yard and buy parts for our car. I would see them crush the cars they could no longer sell parts from.

  7. Now how many times have I driven by this place and never gave it a second thought until now.
    My grandson would love to see this place so I better take him to see a cursed car and he will say cool too! Ha lynn

  8. Such an interesting post, Carla and love your dream car.. smile..
    Take care, dear.. xo

  9. I smiled when the boys yelled "Cool!" This was an interesting post for me. My day time job is working for a local garbage and recycling collection company. We really try to educate residents on recycling. But what happens to auto parts for recycling is something that I have never learned about. Thank you for sharing this!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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