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Friday, August 1, 2014

Fresh Cut Flowers and Produce

Hello Friends,
I have been busy with my new endeavor. Did you guess what it is?

 As many of you know, I took on a new adventure of having three gardens! I have enjoyed it so much. My plants have done well and it has been great fun gardening with my friend Marv.

 Sweet Meat ~ a big squash, that keeps growing and growing.

 Lettuce...yummy summer garden salads.

Purple Beans


 And more flowers!

And now for my new endeavor. Sam and Atticus are helping me set up a Fresh Cut Flower and Produce stand in our front yard. We have fresh cut flowers, yellow beans, purple beans, snow peas, and cucumbers.

 Fresh Cut Flowers and Produce...stop on in!

"Just living is not enough." said the butterfly.
"One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower."
Hans Christian Anderson 

 Setting up the shop.

 Atticus likes to arrange everything, including the rocks.

 If you are in Cameron, Wisconsin this next week. Stop on over and say Hi!

How about you? Do you stop at Farmers Markets? What do you like to buy?

We like to stop and see what yummy stuff is for sale. Last year we purchased ground cherries for the first time, yummy. I also look for vegetables that I do not grow, like cabbage, sweet corn, yellow and red peppers.

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a fun idea. Love how nice your table looks. Hope you get many customers.

  2. Sounds like fun. I buy all my vegetables and fruits from local farmers in my area, I also buy fresh shrimp right off the boat too! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Wow! you guys, that looks fantastic. Where did you find weedless soil? Lol Your hard work has paid off. I miss my Carmen peppers this year. They were available at the nursery last year so I didn't raise them from seed. No Carmens this year:-( I love your beautiful table display!

  4. Everything looks great! What a fun idea for the 3 of you.
    I wish that it was not so far to your home and I would stop by and visit and make some purchases! I love to buy from and chat with folks who truly enjoy gardening and sharing.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Hope you do good. I love farmer's markets. Janice

  6. Your sign is really cute! I hope a lot of people come buy and buy you out. I have never heard of purple beans before.

  7. Oh my word...your stand is pure perfection. I would stop there in a heartbeat. What a wonderful display. The sign is so inviting. The fresh produce looks amazing. You definitely have a green thumb, my friend!

  8. If I was near I would stop by for sure. What a great idea.

  9. I wish I could visit, too far. Nice images!

  10. If I saw that charming little sign I would definitely pull over. I love visiting Farmer's Markets and you've got a great idea going, oh I wish we lived closer Carla!

  11. Beautiful! I would really like to get some flowers and cucumbers from you. Love the garden stand in your front yard - how pretty!

  12. Sure wish you were next door or even down the street from me!!
    Love your little stand!! Fun!

  13. All of your hard work is paying off!! Your gardens look great! I would love to stop by your shop!

  14. It really does looks great! The lettuce would be so tasty....wish I could pick some! Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  15. Clearly your gardens are doing well if you have enough to sell. Congratulations! sweet set up, Atticus did well.

  16. Love, Love, Love your stand! It is absolutely perfect! Please tell me about purple beans.... do they have a different flavor? I am heading to the farmers market in the morning to see if I can't bell peppers since my plants aren't producing a single one so far. I will be looking for purple beans while I am there!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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