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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How Old Is Your Candy?

"Camels are just a fad, but chocolate is a permanent thing."
Milton Hershey

For centuries candy was expensive, handmade and very rare. Everything changed in the 1800's. Trains transported sugar cheaply. New machines produced hundreds of sweets at the same time. Kids could suddenly afford "penny candy"-mostly peppermints, butterscotch and other hard candies.

Since 1937, U.S. military rations have included a chocolate bar.

In 1982 astronauts ate M&M's on the space shuttle.

Instead of gummy bears, Brits nibble on jelly babies.

A California company makes see-through lollipops with bugs inside! Yuck!

A dad invented Ring Pops to help his daughter stop sucking her thumb.

The first Smarties came from a machine that made gunpowder pellets.

  Trick or Treat is here.
What is your favorite candy from the list and can you read what year it made its tasty appearance?

1935 - Kit Kat for me!


  1. That chart is so much fun! I don't eat sugar any more...boo hoo...but Hershey kisses were always my favorite! Enjoy your day! Happy Hugs!

  2. This is so fun. My two favorite candy bars are Snickers, Almond Joy, and Cookies n' Creme.

  3. Butterfinger and York Peppermint Patties. DOTS used to be my all-=time favorite, but I could eat DOTS and every single time I would fall into a sugar coma on the couch within 20 minutes. No kidding. I try not to eat sugar at all because of that problem, but last night I had two little 'fun size' Skittles packs (which Mr. Cranberry says is a misnomer because less is NOT FUN). But a very fun post.

  4. LIcorice and gumdrops and jelly beans and......lol. Yes, really! Fun post Carla...and interesting too.

  5. I'll take a Milky Way please...but a new one--not one from 1923~ I do try not to eat sugar though! It is too addictive for me! Fun post! xo Diana

  6. Free Trade Chocolate. It has real cocoa butter instead of soy lecithin. My favorite...

  7. I just read an article on Yahoo about the Best and Worst candy for Halloween. Personally, I know the little kiddo like the sweet and tart candies...not the candy bars. I do get a variety and boy, the family loves to eat up those leftover Snickers and Hershey Bars!! And did you know you can freeze chocolate?!

    Jane xx

  8. Reese's peanut butter cups!

  9. How interesting to read. Kit Kats and Reese's Peanut Butter cups in our Halloween candy bowl. Janice

  10. Carla,
    What great info on candy. I did not know these things. I love kit kats too and got lots of candy bars for the trick or treaters this year. Unfortunately some of the kit kats are missing hmmmm how did that happen lol!

  11. What a fun chart :-) thank you for sharing and of course happy Halloween!

  12. Wow--jelly beans go way back. And Hershey's chocolate does, too! Hershey's chocolate tastes weird to me and I don't know why. It has to be my tastebuds because if it tasted like that to everyone, nobody would eat it!

  13. This is such a cool chart! I am so curious to know what Peachie O's are, I will have to google that one! Butterfingers didn't make your list so I did have to research that, and it was a few years before your Kit Kat's in 1923! I'll pass on the buggy lollipops too!
    Have fun tomorrow! Happy Halloween!

  14. Very interesting chart and candy facts.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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