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Friday, December 5, 2014

On the Road Friday ~ Wisconsin State Fair .... there is so much to see

 We are on the road today. We are heading back to the Wisconsin State Fair. So many fun things to do at the fair. One of my favorite animals to look at are the chickens.

 I thought this was interesting. This lady is sitting and doing a water color of one of the many beautiful pigeons.

Racing Animals
This is so fun. You get to pick out your favorite pig, duck or goat to win the race!

 We got to meet Alice in Dairyland.

Zoey Brooks is Alice in Dairyland. She is blessed with this auto to drive all around Wisconsin.
She was very nice. It was fun to meet her.

 Back to the racing!

 Go little pig! Go!

 "Oh No, Blue is catching up to me! Run goat, run!

I love looking at the flowers, vegetables, art work and photography.

 Fairy garden galore!

Me and my sweetheart!

And our last stop for the day. Milkhouse! .25¢ Milk!!
They serve up a variety of flavors, birthday cake, rootbeer and good old chocolate!

Looking forward to visiting again in 2015!

Thank you for coming along today to the Wisconsin State Fair!

Skyglider! The relaxing birds-eye view of the fair!
We all enjoyed touring the fair from way up high!


  1. How much fun….animal racing! Birthday cake milk? YUM!!!

  2. Alice in Dairyland! Lot's of fun! I love the Chrysanthemums. My grandfather use to grow them for competitions. xoxo

  3. That looks like so much fun! Alice in Dairyland cracks me up but good for her!! That is so cool about the car!

  4. How fun to have goat and pig races. Fairs are so much fun and so is the food. Janice

  5. The pigs and goats racing make me laugh! How cute. I loved seeing the flowers too. So glad you all had a great time.

  6. What a fun day and how cute you all look. Love the races with the critters...how funny! Looks like you had good weather and tons of fun! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Diane

  7. It looks delightful! I love the flower exhibits best of all.....wasn't that something, the water color artist sitting right there like that. Oh for a little of that skill and confidence...lol. Have a blessed day Carla!

  8. Looks great! Living in the city (Montreal, Canada) I hardly ever get to see fairs. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. What a nice surprise to see this in the midst of all the wintry blog posts. I love the flower exhibits. So cheery. xxx ~ Nancy

  10. You have me so excited to visit the state fair! Viewing the beautiful chickens is one of my favorite parts also :) And, how have I never heard of Alice in Dairyland before?!

  11. How fun! I've never been to a state fair, just county fairs and I just love those! The farm animals are the best part. Well, the food is a close second! lol!

    Jane xx

  12. Looks like an amazing fair! My favorite part would definitely be looking at the fruits, veggies and flowers! Your pictures summarize an amazing day, thanks for sharing :-)


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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