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Monday, August 17, 2015

Take Me To a Parade

This 4th of July we went to the parade held in my husband's hometown.
We had not attended a parade in many years. It was fun to see all the Red, White and Blue.

I like the pin-wheel head band. FUN!

 Candy, Candy, Candy

 This float was one of our favorites. It was a circus. This fella, he loved playing his part.

 Could it be?

What a fun lady!

 Hello, Uncle Sam!

Totally, Red, White and Blue!

 Another one of our favorite floats. This group did a little song and routine about floating down the river. I just have to like that. 

Have you attended any parades this summer?



  1. What a festive and fun way to celebrate the 4th! Love the spirit! We haven't gone to any parades this year - usually there is a big Christmas parade in our town the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That's always a fun one!

  2. I love parades!!! They are so fun, festive and entertaining! Everyone gets to shine with their artistic abilities!! Always watch Macy's of course, and hope to one day attend that parade! We missed the 4th of July parade here this year with all of our traveling, but definitely looking forward to the Christmas parade!

  3. The little town we just moved to has a 4th of July parade like this one every year. It's a big deal and lots of people take part in the parade itself, while everyone else watches and cheers. It's so old-fashioned and fun. I loe it! Thanks for sharing your pics, Carla. It brought back a good memory. One of my favorite "floats" was a half-Lab/half-Great Dane pulling a little cart with a mom and 2 little kids in it. Another was a dad in an ATV pulling three little cars with one of his children in each cart (like a little train). Both were adorable

  4. In our town the fireman have a fair every Labor Day weekend, it kicks off with a parade. It's not a big affair, but I have been going since I was a little girl and there's something about that drum beat that I can feel in my chest, that gets me every time!

  5. We go to our 4th of July one every year but yours looks a little more fun and creative. My hubby loves a parade so I go with him.

  6. Reminds me of a small town parade in my hometown of Lexington, Michigan.

  7. Oh my, it's been years since I've been to a parade. I used to go to them when the kids were young and then life got busier. I'm glad you all enjoyed the parade.

  8. What a great parade, Carla. So fun and festive! I love to go to festivals and parades like this. And ya gotta love all the red, white, and blue. These are wonderful pictures of a spectacular day.


  9. So lovely to see your photo's showing the parade ... they can be such fun.

    All the best Jan

  10. What a fun parade! I love the creativity and spirit of all those participating... and watching!!
    We just went to a parade last weekend in Viroqua for Wild West Days! So many horses, it was so fun!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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