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Friday, May 13, 2016

Happy Days

May 7th our family attended a wedding of a young friend of mine. It was a special day for me to see her get married to her best friend. I met her when she was in 7th grade. I was a volunteer in my son's kindergarten class, and I also helped part time in the 7th grade classroom.
We became friends quick, she enjoyed my boys, and I became friends with her family as well.

Time passed and when she was in 11th grade dark clouds loomed. She fell into some sad times and needed special help. I wrote her letters when she was away and she wrote me back, she shared her hurting heart. I prayed and loved her through my letters.

She healed and went on to Cosmetology school.
She went on to do mission work.
She worked hard to  pay her way through college to become a teacher.

She climbed and clawed her way out of the dark times.
She had family and friends praying for her.

 I was so happy for her last Saturday! She met James, a wonderful dedicated young man. 

My prayers are for them both.
I am so proud of her and for James too.

"If you set your mind and heart toward a healthy way of living and thinking, you'll find a way to climb out of the biggest pit life throws your way."
Rules of the Road
Joan Bauer


  1. Aww how sweet! This is such a great story of your friendship and her uphill battle. So happy for her!

  2. What an inspiring post about friendship and perseverance! I can tell how proud you are of her, what a wonderful story. Congrats to her and her next chapter! Very sweet!!!

  3. A reminder of how important it is to lift one another up in prayer. So happy for this couple; may God richly bless their lives together. Such a pretty wedding photo.

  4. Soo true Carla. This post hit home with me this morning too. Sometimes we have to go through the rough patches on our journey's to get to a better place. So happy you shared your prayers and heart with your sweet friend. God puts people in our paths just when we need them most. You are a true angel my friend.
    Happy week end.

  5. You have been an angel in this young woman's life Carla. A big congrats to all of you,

  6. She sounds so brave and I am sure your prayers helped her through the hard times. I'm so happy for her and James. I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

  7. So happy for this couple - I wish them well,and every happiness.

    All the best Jan

  8. Every part of this makes me happy. Your love and support of your friend is absolutely heart warming. People are so quick to abandon people in their time of need, but you helped and prayed for your friend.
    And, that she is in such a good place today is so wonderful!
    Love this!

  9. What a lovely friendship, Carla. I'm a sucker for a happy ending, too!!

  10. I'm happy for your friend, Carla. She sounds like such a dear friend of yours, and a positive person. Love the quote, it's inspiring.



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