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Monday, May 16, 2016

trans-plant ~ Where is the Milwaukee Journal?


Continuing with my transplant stories. 
My husband and I moved to the Barron County area of  Wisconsin 19 years ago. Barron County is on the Northwest side of Wisconsin. I grew up in North Central Wisconsin. 
If you have been following along with my transplant stories you know the following...

1. I moved to an area that I did not know a soul!

2. I was pulled over the week I moved to Barron County on my birthday, given a speeding ticket and wished a Happy Birthday by the officer.

3. I am struggling getting to know the roads of Barron County.

And now for 4!


When we purchased a paper back home we always purchased the Milwaukee Journal. 
My mom's family is from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin located in Southeast Wisconsin.
Heading down to Southeast Wisconsin was always a highlight for me and my sister in the summer.
Milwaukee County Zoo
Milwaukee Brewer Baseball
Spending time with our cousin and family

We grew up with the Milwaukee Journal.

Now as a transplant in Barron County ... on Sunday I go off to find the Sunday paper.

When I get to the gas station what do I see, Twin Cities Pioneer Press!
What the heck is this?
I look for the Journal? I can not find a Journal.

I politely asked the sales clerk if this store carries the Milwaukee Journal. 
"Well, we only carry a few" she says.
"Only carry a few?"
"Yes" she says, "most people want the Twin Cities Pioneer Press."

I just do not get it.
"We live in Wisconsin" I say, "why on earth would I care to read a Minnesota paper!!"

No, it does not end here.
T.V. News as well.  
Yep, you heard me right!
Minnesota hijacked my news too.
Not only are Minnesota stories the first reported on the radio. Most of the larger T.V. networks report Minnesota news too!

I do realize we live only 45 miles from the Minnesota border, but come on people, let us be
 On Wisconsin!!

And that brings us to NFL Football and Viking Fans!!
That will be for another post!

Thankfully the Internet has solved all my troubles and I can listen to radio from back home!


  1. I love these stories, Carla! This is a funny one. Just wondering, what sports teams do you guys follow in your area? I have friends in northwestern Wisconsin that love both the Vikings and Packers.


  2. I grew up near Milwaukee and know what you mean. I live in California now but still cheer on the Packers and wear the team hats and tee shirts, etc.

  3. How funny and strange. We don't change time here, however all our tv and radio programs do! ha! Try figuring that out.

  4. I love these stories too!! All the quirks you discovered as a transplant! :)

  5. I enjoyed your story. When we moved to Indiana 26 years ago, 10 miles from Louisville, KY, we were surprised to know they call this Kentuckiana. I said, "Why not put Indiana first: Indi-ucky"? LOL

  6. I love these stories - you always always make me smile!

  7. I'm so glad to have the internet to keep up with the news of my hometown in Arkansas. Love your home town posts! Hugs!

  8. It doesn't make sense! Never heard of that before.

    How long did it take you to get to know people there? Other than family we don't know a soul here. I'm thinking that we'll eventually meet people at church though.

  9. The news is similar down here, but your struggle with the Wisconsin news being so Minnesota based, did make my move a little bit easier. We do have our own news stations down here, but still a LOT of Minnesota based stories, and the Star Trib or Pioneer Press are easy to find. Now that I think of it, I don't know if I have ever seen a Milwaukee Journal for sale. I have to watch for that now.

    I did not know your family was from Oconomowoc! I want to visit there some day :)

  10. I lived in Oconomowoc twice and loved it. I loved the little community newspaper they had and of course the Milwaukee Journal, but while living there I really missed the Tampa Bay Times, I'd order it anywhere in the country if I moved again.

  11. Carla, it's nice that you're getting to know all the roads in your area. I was born and raised in my town, so I know all the back roads and short cuts.

    Happy Birthday to your dear Atticus! I hope he had a fun time on his special day. You are blessed with those boys, Carla. Enjoy them, as they grow up so quickly. But they will be your friend for many years. Me and my son are going to lunch today, Chinese food. :)



High Fives from Wisconsin!

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