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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Flower Farmer Market Update

Hello Dear Friends,
It is already the middle of August. I have been setting up my Flower Stand each Friday since the first week of June at the Bruce Farmer Market.

 I have learned several things during the last few months. 

1. Patience ... June was slow ... the first part of July was slow ... I was feeling rather foolish. The flower market is not an easy one, simply because people can not eat flowers. 
I had more than one Friday that I did not sell any flowers. 

2. Work ... setting up for market is a lot of work. I have an EZ UP tent ... EZ UP ? not sure how they came up with the name. 
I am so thankful my market manger gave me a tip on how to set up the EZ UP ... I am only 5'1" so this tip of how to get this tent up really helped this short girl.

3. Rewarding ... each and every Friday has been so fun for me. As different flowers come into season I have more and new choices to create bouquets.

The past week I sold out! I was so happy. 
I also received my first order. A gentleman ordered a bouquet for his wife to celebrate their 26th Wedding Anniversary.

The Little Garden That Could ... has eight more Friday's left. My Autumn harvest is coming along well, I will be excited to share it with you.

A BIG Thank You ... so many of you have encouraged me when I was feeling wobbly.



  1. Congrats! It takes a LOT of courage to start and now you've come a long way. I'm very happy for you. Good luck with the next 8 weeks.

  2. Congrats! Your flowers are so colorful and healthy. The display is lovely and how grand to have an order for an anniv. bouquet. Praying for continued success. I know you are a blessing to all you meet. xo

  3. Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad it's going well! That makes me smile my friend! xo

  4. Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad it's going well! That makes me smile my friend! xo

  5. Well done Carla. Your flowers look lovely and I would definitely stop and buy some.
    So lovely that you got your first order too!
    I can't believe how quickly the weeks have gone since you first started.

    All the best Jan

  6. Your flowers are just beautiful. I can tell you that I would buy a bunch. I really enjoyed doing the farmers market and sometimes wish I were still there. Putting up the tent was the hardest part, but most of the time two or three people would rush over to help me.

  7. Your bouquets are very nice! I believe business will continue to improve as the weather gets more comfortable. I remember feast and famine when I had my small flower and gift shop. Hang in there. Glad you are enjoying it!

  8. Your table is beautiful! What a lovely selection. I can only imagine how glorious your garden is!

  9. You are so brave to do this, but I know how much you enjoy it. Sometimes that is all that matters. I think that you have convinced me to add cut flowers to my garden. Now just to find out which ones will bloom in this heat and now too much rain. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  10. Carla I can't tell you how much I loved this post. It's so nice to get an update on this venture--or adventure :) Congrratulations on persevering--you're such an awesome role model. You didn't quit even after those tough weeks when little sold. Do you know what I've been reminded of lately? Everything worth having takes Time. Certainly more time than we originally think. I get that message from your post and I'm sending you a big 'I'm proud of you ' hug!! Also because I'm 5'2 I welcome you to the tiny but strong club!!! Good for you figuring out that big old tent! I feel lucky now that my boys are 6'2 and 6'1 and can do all my heavy lifting haha .... It's one of the perks of having sons as you'll find out.

  11. I'm so glad business has picked up for you! Your flowers are beautiful!!

  12. I wish we lived closer!! I love what you are doing and wish I could shop at your market :) Keep up the great work and great growing! I know your flowers are bringing smiles to many faces!

  13. How exciting! Congratulations on selling out! Your stand looks beautiful!

  14. Your table looks so lovely, Carla! I'm glad you've stuck it out, even if things have been slow getting going. Don't ever feel foolish for following your dreams!!

  15. The Flower Farmer sounds like a great name for a business too! The Little Garden That Could could be your "byline" or secondary name.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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