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Friday, August 5, 2016

Garden Update

 August is here ... time for a garden update.

 The Little Garden That Could
Above are the four plots at the Community Gardens. The following photos were taken a week ago, things have grown like crazy since!

We do have a rust or something bothering our green beans. All of the gardeners at the Community Gardens have it. We are not sure what it is. Marv is researching the problem for us. Marv turned 87 the last week of July. He is still going strong and one of the best friends I have.
I have learned so much from him in my years gardening with him at the Community Gardens.

 My home garden .... the other Little Garden That Could ....
The following photos were taken Saturday.

The large plant in the middle of the garden is our Cana! I just love how big it got this year. We have many hummingbirds visiting daily.

The Cucumber Fence

 The Cana!



 our make do fence for our gladiolas that continued to fall down
 happy to report our fence is working

Each garden season I am just amazed how a little seed becomes what it does. It is just amazing. This year my husband and boys just can not get over the size of our cana. 
As August settles in harvest will be in full force and a hint of Autumn will be in the air.

Happy Weekend


  1. Everything looks healthy and green. Great job! Love the garden sign:)

  2. I am totally impressed! Your garden is large, abundant and beautiful! And everything looks so healthy! You have a combination of flowers and food. How awesome! Actually, yours looks better than the community one.

  3. Everything looks so healthy and good! Wow! I'm glad you have a dear friend that helps you with this wonderful endeavor! It's very special!

  4. It is wonderful to see your flowers and veggies doing so well. That's a fun garden sign, also. Wishing you a joyful weekend.

  5. Your cana is beautiful! I bet you have the happiest hummingbirds :)
    Love your garden plaque too. Very appropriate these days!

  6. Wow Wow Carla. Your garden is amazing. Love that you grow gladiolas. Hope Marv can figure out what is going after your green beans. Happy Week End.

  7. Wow, congrats! Both your garden and the community garden plots look great! That Canna Lily is huge. It always amazes me how fast Cannas grow here in the north with our long, warm summer days. You will have flowering Glads soon! Cheers!

  8. Your garden is lovely and thriving!

  9. You have such a vast area for gardening, Carla. Oh, how I wish. And to see many hummingbirds daily is wonderful. Please take a picture of one for me. They are my beloved bird. You must be so pleased with your garden. It's coming along nicely.


  10. I adore Cannas, I have 6 different varieties in my garden and have to get rid of so many tubers at the end of each winter, they multiply so quickly in our climate. Can't wait till I can enjoy freshly picked cucumbers again.

  11. I just love your garden sign.
    Everything seems to be growing well, a lovely selection pf photo's you've shared.

    All the best Jan


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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