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Friday, April 7, 2017

On the Road Friday with the Birthday Boy to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Welcome to, On the Road Friday, if you have been following along the last few Friday's, I have shared our trip to Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.
My husband and I made a photo scavenger hunt for our boys to complete during our visit. The boys enjoyed the challenge. I enjoyed looking at what the boys captured with the ideas we gave them on the scavenger hunt.

Today, we head to Como in the eyes of our oldest son, Sam, 
who also happens to have a birthday today. 

Here we go to Como with Sam.


 Something Blue

Sam loves pools and fountains. 
When he was a young fella he would try to reach in and pick up the coins in the pools or fountains. One time while we were at a park, he came up to me with a bunch of coins. He was so excited, "Look Mom, I found all this money!"
He was soaking wet, as he fished it out of the fountain.

 I like how this water is sitting in this flower.

 Looking Up

I like how Sam captured the path.

Thank you for coming along with me and the birthday boy to Como.
This finishes our visit to Como Zoo and Conservatory.

Have a great weekend.


  1. These are all pictures that Sam took? They are wonderful! He is a photographer in the making.The deep blues of the fountain are beautiful, and I can clearly see his beloved coins! The bromeliad is such a gorgeous scarlet! In the wild, tiny frogs will live in their little water filled center. The looking up picture has gorgeous sun splashed leaves. And also some kind of fruit up there! I would love to walk this path.

  2. Sam did a great job with the photos. Fun to see the park from each family member's prospective. That's a cute story about the coins in the fountain!

  3. Such beautiful photos, a great photographer. Happy Birthday Sam.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Happy Birthday Sam!! My mom's birthday is April 7th...a good day, indeed! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Sam! Those sure are fantastic photos! You should have them printed and framed! Enjoy your weekend...hope there's a cake to share! Hugs, Diane

  6. Beautiful photo's, Sam! My favorite is the flower... so pretty!
    Happy Birthday!!

  7. This looks like it was loads of fun, Carla! You guys are awesome parents for planning a scavenger hunt as well. Happy Birthday to Sam!

    Jane x

  8. Happy Birthday and those are WONDERFUL pictures, Carla. I love the one of the path and it is hysterical that at one time he fished all those coins out of the pool.. How funny!! Hope you have a great upcoming wee. xo Diana

  9. Happy birthday to your son. That story reminds me of one of my brothers. I really like the photo of the mango/papaya tree? xoxo Su

  10. I have bromeliads like the red one in your photo growing in my garden. I always have to flush them out with fresh water, to get rid of the mosquito larvae.

  11. Belated birthday wishes to Sam, didn't he do a great job with the photos, a fantastic selection here.

    I did enjoy the story about the coins in the fountain.

    All the best Jan

  12. Looks like a fun time and the pictures are perfect!!!

  13. Happy Birthday Sam. Quite the talent with a camera.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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