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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Meet Me in the Garden

Meet Me in the Garden

 Good Looking and Tasty Plants
Interspersing Edibles in the Ornamental Garden

What is that all about?
This was my first speaking engagement as a Master Gardener.

We brought in design ideas: herbs in pots, cherry tomatoes in window boxes, small fruit trees, peppers among sun loving flowers, lettuce and radish with chard.

Sue Reinardy
Sue was one of my instructors in my Master Gardener class. She is down to earth, easy to talk with and does not make you feel silly for asking questions.
She was in charge of creating Meet Me in the Garden.

 Katie Childs
Katie discussed the history of ornamental edibles.
She used fun ideas from Andrew Sankey.

 Carol Taylor
Carol has many fun containers that she brought from her deck. She likes to container garden. It is easy for her to walk out on her deck to pick fresh veggies and herbs for her dinner.

I brought in my cherry tomato, marigold, garlic chive container.
Meet Me in The Garden was held July 13, 2017.  The plants have doubled in size since that day.
Yes, I am wearing a wool sweater! It was only 58 degrees the evening of July 13th! 
Crazy! Wisconsin! Weather!

 I also created an edible bouquet. Everything I have in the bouquet you can eat!
Bee Balm ... tea
Garlic Scapes ... Garlic Pesto
Chocolate Mint ... add to chocolate brownies
Carrots ... see the red dragon carrot in my bouquet. My new favorite carrot.

 I was a wee bit nervous. This was my first garden talk.

 My husband was having fun taking photos.

 Donna Amidon
Donna did many bouquets. She added wild flowers and grasses to her bouquets. 
She used chard in the one she is holding.

 Beets, Carrots, Kale, 
So many fun ideas to create edible bouquets.

Mitch and Brent
Edible weeds that are found in the garden.
Mitch and Brent both shared what we can eat that are weeds in our garden.
Purslane, Clover, Lamb's Quarters, Mallow, Wild Amaranth, Curly Dock, and Milkweed.

 It was a fun experience for me. 
I am looking forward to next year's theme for Meet Me in the Garden.


  1. Carla, Doesn't it do your heart good to see those young men interested in the garden ? I loved that you ladies had this event. I am sure you can all learn from each other. I know diddly about veggie gardening...but this year I grew banana peppers by the porch in a big pot. The tomatoes in a half whiskey barrel is doing well also. Blessings to you. xoxo, Susie

  2. I would have been a nervous wreck. I know you did great, because it is something you love and enjoy. We have had cooler weather too. Last Sunday or Monday, I could have worn a sweater. I love the vases of edible flowers and seeing the beets and carrots. It looks like a fun time!

  3. Lovely landscape. And I adore the carrots in the flower vase! Cool idea.

  4. What a great event! I'm so proud of you but I know you did so well because you know your stuff!! I wish I could have been there to hear your talk. Love the edible bouquet. What a chilly July day that was (and my hubby's birthday). It was hot in NYC where we were!

  5. I enjoyed reading about the garden, the unique bouquets, and the nice people.

  6. The best thing about this post is getting to see YOU!! What a treat, you are beautiful!! I love your hair. We have posted so often, but I never get to see you. This was a big deal, and so cool. I DO see that little red carrot. I didn't know there are different kinds of carrots. I do know that Queen Anne's Lace is a wild carrot, or something like that. Maybe. The bouquet with the carrots and beets is gorgeous!! Were you nervous? You look like a natural! It does look cold! I have heard that Wisconsin has very unpredictable weather.

  7. What isn't there to love about a garden talk. I love the edible bouquet and to know which garden weed are edible. You look very professional giving your talk. Remember, everyone has to start by a first... I bet your husband and and boys are all so proud of you.

    I hope your flower delivery business is doing as well as expected also.
    Thanks for sharing this delightful post.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. That is awesome! From student to teacher and featured speaker in no time flat. You must be so excited, you dreamt about it and now it's all coming true. SO happy for you my friend!! xo

  9. Congratulations, what an awesome experience for you to participate in, and I am sure for all those who attended too.
    Hope all is going well with the flower bouquet business, wonder if you could deliver fresh seasonal vegetables in bouquet format ......

  10. Love the edible bouquets; perhaps an idea for your business. Even the colorful "stems" are pretty to see in the clear vase.

  11. So much to learn from each other. This is amazing. I bet you did so great with your speech. So proud of you that you are living one of your dreams.

  12. It was so nice to see you, Carla! You don't look a bit nervous and I'm sure you did a wonderful job. This looks like a fun and informative event.

  13. Looks like it was a very informative event and now you know you can do it! Well done.

  14. What a lovely post Carla and I loved all of the photographs.
    I think your edible bouquet a brilliant idea.

    All the best Jan

  15. From the pictures, you would not know this was your first garden talk. You look like a natural, in your element!
    I love the look of the carrots in the edible bouquet. And, dragon carrots are a perfect addition :)

  16. Looks like a wonderful event! It's great that you're doing what you love, what you're passionate about these days! That edible bouquet is so beautiful! My father used to grow edible flowers when I was growing up and he would make my lunch, topped with the prettiest flowers! They were spicy and delicious. Thank you for reminding me!

  17. Aw, your sweet hubs is proud of you! Congrats on your first speaking event as a master gardener! The arrangement is so pretty....but I've never seen a red dragon carrot before! How cool is that! Speaking of cool....it's been cool here in Central Alabama. (Unseasonably cool for late July/early August). Night before last we were watching the Cubbies game outside and I had to put on sweet pants. I really wanted a fire...it was chilly!

    Have a great weekend!

  18. I really find your involvement with the Master Gardener very interesting. I don't have any hobbies right now but it is good to have one!

  19. What fun! I love that first shot.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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