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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Across the Bay...Part 2

Getting ready. Last year when we participated in our first Book Across the Bay, the Lake was frozen solid and had a nice layer of snow. This year...it is ice. The skid steer is working the ice to give the groomer something to groom for C-C ski tracks. The discarded Christmas trees help show the way.
Book Across the Bay is put on by volunteers. They do an amazing job. Thank You!
The Bon Fire is waiting to be lit at 5:30 pm.
"Mom, can we run and slide the rest of the way?"

Ice...it is amazing, beautiful, cold, dangerous...what else can you come up with?
When we walked out on the ice early Saturday morning, I did not think it possible to ski across to Washburn. But the volunteers did an amazing job grinding the ice to make a track. It was great team work and made for a memorable Book Across the Bay 2011!

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  1. Great pictures. You did a better job of showing details than I did in my BATB post. We took a few pictures of us at the start of the race but my daughter lost her camera. I scrounged around on the internet for pictures to go with my post, but I like yours better. So glad you could do this as a family.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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