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Friday, October 22, 2021

Marigolds for the Hens


Lolly, Holly, Molly, Dolly and Polly are all doing well. They have enjoyed summer evenings out in the Chicken Tractor. As winter approaches, we will winterize the chicken coop and our hens will be snug.


This season I have been drying marigolds. I plan to toss the petals into the coop for a touch of summer in the  middle of the winter.


I have two large coffee cans full of marigold petals. Each time I open the can, I will smell summer.

For more about marigolds and chickens click here. 


Advice From a Chicken

Hatch good ideas ♥ Cackle with your friends  ♥ Give your sweetie a peck ♥ Start from scratch ♥ Stick together ♥ Look after your brood ♥ Don't let life ruffle your feathers ♥

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

A Lovely October


We have enjoyed a beautiful October. As I write this post, we have yet to have a kill frost. The above  photo is the hanging basket our son Atticus gifted me for Mother's Day. It has done so well, it is still blooming!


The zinnias continue to bloom as well. The colors are just lovey! 



Adding pumpkins to the ever growing  flowering pots.


Adding corn and pumpkins to my red, white and blue summer display, to make it an autumn display.


The real show stoppers of my autumn display are the orange mums. Orange mums are my favorite.

The Best Things in Life Are Not Things

Monday, October 18, 2021

Decorating for Autumn Indoors


 This Sunday, October 24th we will host our Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. To get all ready, it is time to decorate for Autumn and Halloween.  My mom gifted me my Pumpkin Man many, many years ago. It is one of my very favorite decorations.


Pumpkins, ghosts and more.


This amber candle holder was a recent  .99 cents thrift find.


I collect nutcrackers. I created this display on top of our fireplace.


The wind kicked up today and I can feel the change in the air. The October winds are officially blowing Autumn in.