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Friday, April 12, 2024

What is up with the Little Copper Dog


We flipped the calendar. Here is what Ernie has been up to..

 ♥ doing very well with sit and stay... will listen to guests to sit to receive a treat

 ♥ playing fetch... brings back his ball or toy, placing it by your feet

 ♥ walks very well on his lead and listens to sit and stay on our walks

working on... barking... he loves to bark at our neighbor kids when they are out playing

he also had overnight company... which he loves... when our boys come to spend the weekend... just like me.



Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Happy Gardening Hodgepodge


Happy Hodgepodge my friends, it is Wednesday, time for the Hodgepodge.

Joyce asks the questions.

We answer the questions.

Click here to join the fun! 


 1. Do you complete your own tax returns or hire out? Something you've found taxing lately? 

We hire out to have our tax return completed.

Something I have found taxing lately is the weather. We had a strange winter, with temperatures in the 60's in February. In March we get cold, right down to 0!! In April we have a blizzard with below wind chills. All this goofy weather has stressed one of our hens. She has a respiratory illness. Thankfully she is getting better, she is four years old, getting up there for a hen. I am very happy to see and hear she is feeling better. She had a cough that sounded awful.


 2. It's spring (in the northern hemisphere anyway)...would you rather spend the day hiking in the great outdoors or planting a garden? Do you/will you have a garden this year? Flowers, vegetables, or a bit of both?

I am a gardener by trade. I have a seasonal flower business .. 

 The Little Garden That Could

 We grow vegetables, flowers and have fruit too.

3. Do you consider yourself a patient person? Yes, I am a patient person.  In what sort of situation is patience not desirable? I think if trouble is brewing, one better step in. I can be slow to do this, I need to work on learning to step in a bit faster.  Are you happy with the degree of patience you have in your daily life? Yes.  If not, what can you do to cultivate more of this quality in your life? 

 4. Do you like the flavor cinnamon? Yes.  If so what's your favorite something made with cinnamon? I like a hot cinnamon tea.... coffee cake, cookies, cinnamon ice cream.....

5. Learn by watching or learn by doing? Elaborate. 

By doing... I am hands on. My husband will be the first to tell you this. When he wants to teach me something or if I need him to teach me something, he knows he will hear "let me do it with your instruction." This really comes with tech stuff, if he does it for me, I forget right after he does it, how to do it. I have to do it with him walking me through the steps.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Taking a trip down memory lane. In 2021 with our local library, I put on a Garden Chat, May - September... it was just as people were coming out of the woodwork from the lock-downs/Covid19.








Monday, April 8, 2024

2024 Easter Cake

 Hello Friends, here it is the 2024 TePaske Easter Cake...

drum roll....

Strawberry Layer Cake 


Buttercream Frosting

I used Lindt chocolate shaped tulips as the spring decoration on top of the cake.


Everyone loved this cake, it may have become our new favorite cake.

My husband as requested I make it using raspberries for our next celebration.


We enjoyed a lovely Easter with our boys. 

And as always, it is very special for me to continue the TePaske Easter cake tradition. I love the excitement my grown boys still get out of seeing what mom created this Easter.