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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

We Care!


Hello Friends,

The above photo is how one of our Christmas greetings came in the mailbox to the friend we mailed it to. That friend mailed me the We Care package to show how they received our Christmas greeting and asked if I minded sending another letter .. since she was only able to read half.

And so I printed another letter and sent her a photo of our family too. I also included a little note to share with her that we received a Christmas greeting sliced open as well, but it was just simply stapled smack in the center of the card to keep it together in our mailbox.

As I write this.. I know I have a friend reading this saying, "Carla, you and your adventures with the USPS." And it is true, I had mail addressed to Wisconsin go all the way to Thailand and back to the address to Wisconsin. 

The funny thing is.. my dear grandma was a Rural Mail Carrier for 40 years. I went with her many a time on her route. So I guess the adventures of the USPS.. is in my blood.

Any good USPS stories on your end?


Monday, January 17, 2022

The Start of the Kitchen Project!

 Hello Friends,

We have started on the remodel of our kitchen. This has been a long waited remodel. We are excited to update our little kitchen, with new counter tops, cabinets, flooring and paint!

We have decided to do a fun new look. I will be excited to show you what we have decided on color and design. Yes, we are going with color. Our kitchen is currently white.

We had tile on the kitchen floor. We are going to be replacing it with wood, to match the rest of our home. We will have a 100% wood floor home after this project.



Ripping up the old flooring. 

This was back breaking work.. here are a few quotes from the day, compliments of my husband..

"Carla, I can feel that I am not 25 anymore."

After a few more pulling of nails and ripping up boards..

"Carla, I can feel that I am not 35 anymore."

After a few more pulling of nails and ripping up boards..

"Carla, I can feel that I am not 45 anymore."



Pulling nails.. lots of nails.

This week my husband is taking a week off from work and we will tackle this project.We hope to get a lot of it done this week, we will finish on the weekends. The BIG goal is to have a new to us kitchen by the first week of March.

We are doing all the work.. teamwork makes the dream work.

Thank you for cheering us on with the BIG kitchen project.


Tuesday, January 11, 2022


 Hello Friends,

In years past I have never picked out a word of the year. Many blog friends do. I always enjoy hearing the word they decide on and why.

This year my husband challenged me to pick out a word for the year.

And so I did..







After my husband challenged me to decide on a word for 2022, I started to think of what I want to see more of in 2022. Sadly, we have all seen a great deal of ugly, sickness and depression for the past two years. We need to break out of it.. we need sunshine.

I pray that I can be that sunshine.


♥ brightness or radiance ~ praying I can be a bright spot in someone's day

 ♥ cheerfulness or happiness ~ praying I can spread cheerfulness or happiness

 ♥ a source of cheer or happiness ~ praying I can be that source of cheer or happiness for that someone who really needs it