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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Count Down is On and it is the Hodgepodge

Me and my Senior in High School .. during a recent xc ski in Upper Michigan. This post will mostly be about him .. the count down is on to his graduation.
Join all of us at the Hodgepodge.
Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

 1. Are you currently operating at 100% capacity? If not, what % are you? What's keeping you there?
I just asked my husband if he felt I was operating at 100% capacity. He said "Yes".

 2.  Have you done your taxes? Planned/booked a summer holiday? Thought about or started your 'spring cleaning'? Besides what's listed here, tell us one task that needs doing before spring rolls around.
Yes, taxes are done. I just need to help Sam do his, plan to do that this week.
The boys have a River Rafting trip planned for this summer.
Yes, we started "spring cleaning" last Saturday. 
Graduation party plans .. those plans need to get done before spring gets to far along.

 3. What's a favorite food from your part of the country?
Wisconsin Cheese is the BEST!

 4. This isn't a leap year, but let's run with it anyway...look before you leap, a leap of faith, grow by leaps and bounds, leap to conclusions, leap at the opportunity...which phrase might best be applied to your life currently (or recently)? Explain.
Growing by leaps and bounds.. our oldest son is graduating in May. I am growing in parenting by leaps and bounds to a young adult. I am blessed with the deep conversations we have. My heart strings tug as plans of heading off in his own direction become more and more. I cherish each HUG I receive in the morning and at night. And I love the hugs he gives me when I stop in and visit him at work.. I am growing leaps and bounds in this change of parenting.

 5. As the month draws to a close list five fun and/or fabulous things (large or small) you noticed or experienced in February.
Sunlight twinkling on the Snow
Blue Sky
More Snow

 6. Insert your own random thought here.

What has been a favorite Graduation Party Menu you have enjoyed? 
Ideas for a Graduation Party Menu.


Monday, February 26, 2018

Upper Pennisula of Michigan .. Snow and Cross Country Ski Trails

 This year we decided to do something different. We rented a cabin in the UP of Michigan and tried out as many ski trails as we could. We were at the tip top of the UP, Copper Harbor Michigan.

Our journey up to the UP was a "white knuckler" that is what we call driving in a snow storm.
Wisconsin and the UP use SALT on the roads when we have ice and snow. All though it does a number on the vehicle I am happy because it clears my way. I give major "HIGH FIVES" to all the County Plow Crews!

This is how they measure snow in the UP!

Keweenaw Snow Report and U.P. Weather
2017-2018 Snowfall - 245" season to date

 It was snowing during our first ski! 
Me and my oldest, Sam.
We are on Swedetown Trails.

Swedetown has been a trail system I have wanted to ski for many years. Along the way, I found a pine cone and put it in my pocket. My souvenir from Swedetown. 

 You never know what you might find on the trail.

Time to warm up! We had some chilly days. We stopped in Roy's Pasties and Bakery for a sweet treat and coffee.
Two Hoots Too Trail

 Tolkien Trails at MTU
Our boys are huge fans of Lord of the Rings. This was fun to ski Hobbit Loop and others.

Do you see the face?

My souvenir!  

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It is a Let's Go Ski Hodgepodge

Our Cabin in the UP .. the start of our Cross Country Ski adventure.

Hey, it is Wednesday and that means it is time for the Hodgepodge.
Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

 1. Where do you go when you need some inspiration?
It depends on what kind of inspiration I need. I will share a few ideas for certain times.
If I am looking for gardening inspiration, I enjoy looking at garden magazines, pinterest, garden books and Sarah Raven. Sarah Raven
If I am in need of inside my soul inspiration, Chuck Swindoll Chuck Swindoll 
and Zig Ziglar Ziglar
are my favorites.
If I need to have some creative inspiration, I will head outside.

  2. What's under your bed?
Nothing but wood floor.. maybe a dust bunny or two.

3. Thursday, February 22nd is National Chili Day, National Margarita Day, and National Cook a Sweet Potato Day. Of the three which would you most like to celebrate? Is that likely?
  Chili is on the menu for this week. 

4. What are you 'snowed under' with right now?
Scholarships.. helping our oldest find and apply. Helping with proofreading, encouragement and all the other that goes along with having a Senior in High School.

 5. Tell us three to five things that make you feel balanced?
Looking up at the skylight in our auto. Let us go for a ski!
Going for my daily walk with my dog Molly.
Reading my daily devotions.
Having reviewed the  weekly schedule each Sunday evening, everyone knows where and what is going on. Having meals planned for the week to somewhat go along with schedules.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

 Our family took a Winter Vacation!
We went to the UP for a Cross Country Ski vacation. We rented a cabin. 
It was decorated with so many fun details. Below is a German weather station that sat in the kitchen window.

 We skied across Lake Superior. From Ashland to Washburn, Wisconsin. If you missed my post Book Across the Bay it will explain the amazing ski, at night on Lake Superior.
 The fire breathing dragon along the ski trail.
Our decked out ski poles. We put glow sticks on our ski poles. The event is a 10K across the bay from Ashland to Washburn. We started doing this event when our youngest was 7 years old. It has become a family tradition. Our oldest will be heading off to college in August. After the race, he said, "count me in for next year mom! We will always do The Book together".

Friday, February 16, 2018

On the Road Friday ~ Book Across the Bay ~ Ashland, Wisconsin

Saturday February 17th will be the night. The night we ski across the frozen waters of Lake Superior. We start in Ashland and we ski across to the community of Washburn. We do this at night, with luminaries lighting our way. 

Our family has enjoyed this event in many kinds of weather. The years of perfect winter weather, highs in the 20's, no wind and lovely ski snow.
The year of the polar vortex, - 15 wind chill and -2 degrees when we crossed the finish line.
And last year, a high of 55 degrees! The luminaries melted, we had water in our boots and our truck got stuck in mud after the race.

We LOVE it! Each year we look forward to the "what will happen this year?" we have so many stories from years past. 

This year the word on the street is a snow sculpture of a Fire Breathing Dragon will meet us on the trial. I hope to have photos to share!



Monday, February 12, 2018

On the Road Friday ~ on a Monday ~ Good Eats and Sights ~ Madison, Wisconsin

Our family did a week long explore to Madison, Wisconsin in October 2017.
Each Friday I have been taking you on a trip to Madison. This Friday, I have something special to share with you, so we will take a little detour and head to Madison on Monday. 

 We will start with good eats.

Click above to check out The Old Fashioned.
This place has a great atmosphere and amazing food.
Wisconsin is King here .. Wisconsin foods and products are featured.

 The Taps at the bar.

 The Old Fashioned is across from the Capitol building.

 Next up on the list of good eats.. Babcock Hall Dairy Store 

We produce signature dairy products for the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the surrounding community. Through this, the Babcock Hall Dairy Plant and Dairy Store help support the University of Wisconsin Food Science Department’s mission of research, teaching and outreach.
 { source from the above website}

Mocha Macchiato

Coffee flavored background with swirls of caramel and dark chocolate flakes.
My ice cream flavor, Mocha Macchiato with a cup of coffee.
  Chocolate Peanut Butter for my husband.

Some of the sights from the UW campus. 

Biking the city is easy. Madison has a bike trail system with easy to follow maps. 
Our boys loved the idea of biking from our hotel to the attractions.

Thank you for coming along with me on a Monday for a On the Road Friday.


Monday, February 5, 2018

Friday, February 2, 2018

On the Road Friday ~ Chazen Museum of Art ~ Madison, Wisconsin

October 2017 our family took a week long explore to Madison, Wisconsin.
Chazen Museum of Art was one of our favorites. We all were impressed on how many galleries were at the museum.

European 1300-1600
European 1600 - 1800
Contemporary Glass and Ceramics
European and American 19th Century
European and American 20th Century
Midwest American 20th Century
International 21st Century

Temporary Exhibit

German Expressionist


 A few of our favorites. The above is from the German Gallery.

This was a favorite of mine.
I love how the grandpa is sharing stories of the sea with his granddaughter. She has placed the broom on the floor, work can wait, stories from grandpa and his adventures can not. It also looks like she brought him a bouquet of flowers.

 The Question that Devours
This one gave me the chills and at the same time I liked it. "Wow" is all we could say.

Do you have a favorite Museum of Art?