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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Porcupine Mountains Part 1

Porcupine Mountains 
October 8th and 9th 2011
78 degrees on the shores of Lake Superior
Lake of the Clouds
Union Spring Trail

Union Spring
This was amazing. Union Spring is the second largest natural spring in Michigan. If you look at the above photo you can see the bubbling sand. It was eerie to see the sand bubble and then it would stop for awhile and then start up again. The water was clear and cold.
Heading out to our next trail.

Lake Superior and the Porcupine Mountains in the back ground.
To be continued....

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  1. I hardly know how to comment on your post. If you went through Ashland, you practically drove by our house to get to the Porcupines. (We live a block from Dairy Queen on Hwy.2) If you're ever up this way again, it would be fun to meet you and your family. However I know what it's like when you only have so much time and can't do it all so something has to go.

    The good news is you're forgiven because we weren't home that weekend. It was wonderful weather so you were smart to get away that weekend. The tree colors were amazing. My youngest and I went hiking there the week before. It's such a pretty park. I love your pictures.

    About the homeschool sports thing, we lived in Iowa when Kiah did track. My kids played for a small high school who needed all the warm bodies they could get. Our kids were dual enrolled so they could play sports.

    I don't know if Wisconsin made the rule, but Ashland won't let our kids play sports. We wrestled long and hard about putting them in public school so they could play volleyball and finally decided not to.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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