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Friday, October 28, 2011

Porcupine Mountains pt 2

East and West River Trails
These trails follow the Presque Isle River, largest river in the park. Very Dangerous river...several caution signs. For your saftey, no swimming or wading is permitted in the Presque Isle River.

This was a beautiful hike. The river is amazing. It changes from fast water, swirling and making pot holes. To slower water, cascading down natures hand made rock steps. It was a great weekend to get out and hike.


  1. What beautiful photos, Carla! I have never been there, but see that it needs to be on the list for next summer-fall.

    Have you thought about enabling your e-mail on your blog? That way people could respond to your questions without having to type the answers in your comment box. They would be more personal that way. Just a thought. I know that I've really enjoyed having my email activated, for I get more responses. It's easier for people to respond to a comment that way.

    Okay, as for the River Thames, if you do a Google search 'is the river thames polluted,' you will find a lot of interesting answers regarding the past and present condition of the river. Very interesting reading! Thanks for commenting. :-)

  2. Great pictures. We only went to the Lake of the Clouds and hiked two trails, but out of the little bit that we saw, I think the Presque Isle stuff was the prettiest.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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