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Monday, May 22, 2017

May Happenings and Joy List Monday

Hello Friends

I only have two classes left and my oral presentation left to complete my Master Gardener class.
 Graduation is May, 30th.

For our final exam we had to pull a plant/tree/shrub out of a hat and do a report on that plant.

My hand pulled Black Chokeberry out of the hat.

I had not a clue what a Black Chokeberry was. 
After my research I think I just may have to plant one in our yard. 
My son Sam, who edited my final paper, thought the same after reading my three page fact sheet. Sam is not a gardener, so I hope I did something right in writing  my paper, if I convinced a non-gardener to plant a Black Chokeberry.

I am working on my oral presentation. It can not be longer than 5 minuets.
The idea is that I am asked about a plant/tree/shrub, like a hotline, I am to be able to answer your questions.

Joy List Monday
a weekly ritual
a reminder to stop and pay attention to the little beauties 
and graces that make life magical and to set aside time
for gratitude each day

 ♥ bluebirds ... we have a pair we see on our walk
♥ birthday boy ... our son Atticus turned 15 this past week
 ♥ friends ... calls and texts making sure we were alright after the May, 16th storm
 ♥ a trip to the greenhouse ... I just love the smell of a greenhouse
 ♥ apple blossoms and lilacs ... making a lovely perfume outside


  1. You are so close!! I can't wait to hear more about the Black Chokeberry! You have a lot to celebrate. Happy Birthday Atticus! I've been seeing bluebirds in the park where we walk. They are so pretty! Hope you're having a good Monday!

  2. Your picture is beautiful! I feel like I am looking up into those trees. So you are really enjoying the class? I only know one thing about chokeberries: the birds love them. We sat a long time once and watched a flock of birds stuff themselves with them; the juice would fly. I hope you tell us a bit about them. The tree (bush?) does have an unfortunate name! Maybe birds and creatures have been known to choke on the berries, ha ha! Will Atticus be learning to drive now?

  3. Happy birthday to your sweet boy ❤️ I love the smell of lilacs too, my favorite May scent!

  4. You are a joyful person my friend and always have a list of things that make you happy. I don't envy you doing the oral presentation but you'll do great. I'm so proud of you for taking this class. I know you've learned a lot! Hugs!

  5. PS Happy Birthday Atticus! 2 of my sons have birthdays this week! I love May birthdays! Hugs!

  6. Happy Birthday Atticus and good luck on your final presentation. You'll do great I am certain. I can't wait to see your gardening results after you graduate.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Happy birthday wishes to Atticus! God bless you Carla on your final presentation.
    We have been able to view some of the destruction in your area on the national news.

  8. Good luck with your presentation. I have had to google Black chokeberry too now.

  9. You will make a great Master Gardener! I like all the things on your joy list! Happy Birthday to Atticus. I like the name Atticus.

  10. Happy Birthday, Atticus!
    The air has smelled so lovely with the lilacs in bloom!

  11. Sounds fun. Enjoy your final presentation. I know you will convince everyone in the class to have a Chokeberry Tree in their gardens. Good luck.

  12. Congratulations! I know that there were a few unexpected hurdles this semester, but it sounds like you did a fabulous job and you enjoyed it. Good luck on the finals, I know you'll be great. And please tell me that when all is said and done you'll share a little about that Chokeberry. You have peaked my curiosity!! :)

  13. Good luck for the finals. I'm sure doing a presentation must be nerve wracking. (Been there.) Take a deep breath before starting and if you have time find a guinea pig to hear it before.

  14. Best of luck on your oral presentation.

  15. Birthday Wishes to Atticus ...
    Hope your final presentation was successful, thinking of you.

    All the best Jan


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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