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Monday, June 26, 2017

Joy List Monday

Joy List Monday
a weekly ritual

a reminder to stop and pay attention to the little beauties and graces
 that make life magical and to set aside time for gratitude each day
♥ my life as a mom to boys
mischief that teen boys like to do to their mom ... any guesses from the photo above

♥ fresh fruit

 ♥ summer

♥ birds taking a bath in the bird bath

♥ summer bon fires

 ♥ hanging out laundry

 ♥ kind strangers



  1. Water Balloons! Well, I can only guess! I love watching the birds bathe, too! The way they flip and flop around is so funny. They take dust baths, too.

  2. Hi Carla, Love your list today. It is so nice to enjoy fresh fruit on these hot summer days! xo

  3. Love this joylist!!! I'm guessing there was a fun water balloon fight recently - that makes me smile!

  4. I think I prefer water balloons to snowball fights! ha ha. At least it's hot weather and they cool you down, right?

  5. I am thinking mommy got all wet..?? I had four daughters, they and their families are my joy. You have listed some really good things. Now if you can get those boys shipped off to summer camp, haha. :) Blessings to you and your boys, xoxo, Susie

  6. Fun to read your joy list, Carla. :-)

  7. These are always lovely! You'll miss those water balloons one day. :)

  8. Love seeing the birds splash in the bird baths too. Have a great summer day.

  9. Water balloons are so much fun :)

    Congratulations on becoming a master gardener!! I'm so happy for you and look forward to many more tips, like the post about the lilacs :)

    I loved the story you shared about the 92 year old. She has the right attitude about things. I'm also glad you didn't loose anyone on your route.


  10. Oh I do like your joy list ...
    Water balloons can be such fun!

    All the best Jan

  11. I'm guessing you ended up wet! lol

  12. Oh, I remember the water balloons well. My kids loved those when they were young. Love your joy list!

  13. Why, oh why, don't I have a laundry line!?
    Sounds like summer is off to a wonderful start :)

  14. Water balloons and teen boys? Sounds like an interesting combo ;).

    Bon fires are at the top of my list, and I'm so glad we have a fire pit.


  15. So, so true! I like being a child once in awhile alongside my kids--although they do it much better! lol!

    Sorry I haven't been by. I'm trying to keep myself above water and now I have a wicked head cold. It's always something!

    Enjoy your summer days and water balloons!

    Jane x

  16. Water balloons are a classic harbinger of summer and I am always willing to get soaked!! Well, almost always! ;)

  17. We've really been enjoying watching the birds in our bird bath. Sometimes there are four or five at a time. They're pretty funny. I love fresh fruit, and this being summer that means smoothies are on the menu. Have fun with those boys of yours, Carla. Wish I could borrow them for a few days. Our home was the designated hang out for our son and his friends when he was a teen. They all called me "Mom" and loved to stay for dinner. I miss those days. Hugs, Nancy

  18. Being a mom to young kids in the summertime is amazing! I miss those days. I was a part-timer for many years, so your lovely thoughts bring back happy memories. :)

  19. That is a great list of joy....well maybe not the water balloons!!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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