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Monday, July 17, 2017

Sound Off

Sound Off
Sound Off

Our little village is taking on our village board.
Our village was hit with soft ball sized hail from the F3 tornado that hit about two miles from our home. Most village residents have hail damage. Siding, windows, screens and roofs are some of the building type damage that most of our neighbors have.
Sadly, all of the Village of Cameron residents received in the mail a letter sharing that we needed a STORM DAMAGE REPAIR PERMIT, and yes, it was in all capital letters.

With the expense of repairs, insurance deductibles and the fact that we did not plan the storm to hit our homes. Many people got upset and protested at the Village Hall.
The above article explains what the residents of Cameron are protesting.

Have you ever had to protest something in your hometown?
I did not attend the protest. 
I do agree with the protest.
Our roof work is scheduled for the end of July or the first of August.
And at the time of this post, we have not gotten a building permit. We are going to wait and see what happens with the inquiry.

I will be away from my desk for a few days.
Wishing you all a great week!
And ponder what we should do regarding the permit.
I do not want to be writing from jail. Ha!
Going on a Road Trip!


  1. Enjoy your time away. That seems awful to have to get a permit to fix the damage. I hope the protest makes them change their minds!

  2. That's like being hit twice. I hope the protest helps the villagers.
    Enjoy your time away. Come back safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Enjoy your trip...and yes, that seems excessive. We have the same kind of village board and things like this pop up all the time. They always seem to be looking for revenue, but to take advantage at a time like this is not fair. Good luck!

  4. This is all interesting. I know that after a storm, crooks drive around in trucks and look so professional. They offer to do your job, then rip you off. This has happened lots around here. But this also involves your freedom to choose who you want, am I right? So I think you are wise in just waiting. And be careful who you choose...someone with a good reputation. I hope you have a great time and have lots of fun and rest! A change of scenery is always good.

  5. Hope things work out for the residents! God bless you.

  6. Have a fabulous road trip, look forward to photos later.

  7. I've never been involved in a protest. I wanted to protest our tax increases, but didn't know how to go about it. I have resolved that I will next year. Now I hope everything works out for everyone and I am hopeful you aren't experiencing leaks in your home from the roof damage. I am so sorry, but I hope you enjoy your road trip.

  8. The whole thing looks like a bureaucratic con, Carla. Obviously necessary to maintain standards, especially safety, but public authorities sometimes aren't very bright and often forget who they are supposed to be serving. And who pays them. Good luck! And have a great road trip...

  9. I really hope things do work out for the residents! Have a wonderful getaway my friend!

  10. Have a great trip and I hope they backdown over the permits.

  11. I know all too well about getting building permits with having the garage build and also the basement of the new house done. I think the towns make way too much money on those permits. We had to pay a fee for them to just accept the application for a permit and then after that we had to actually pay another large amount to receive the permit to start the build. This all took over a month to do on each permit. We had to pay a guy a lot of money to do up the proper drawings and specs they needed for the permits too. So the permits were very costly. Each of the plumbers, electricians etc. had to have a certain license for our town. So that cost money too. Just unbelievable the cost of just the permit process alone. So for your town to take advantage of people that are not doing these repairs or changes because they want too but have too from the storm it seems wrong to charge them for permits. I think I would be on that protest wagon along with them. Have a fun getaway.

  12. I have never protested my town, nor attended a protest. Although these permits would have me fired up and wanting to protest!
    I only suffered storm damage once, and that was when I still lived in the Twin Cities. I had to have a new roof put on, and replace a yard light. Thankfully, no permit was required.
    Have fun wherever the road takes you :)


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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