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Monday, August 22, 2011

History Lesson part 2 - Ukraine

I wanted to give you a few more facts before I start to show my photos and explain my missions trip. Ukraine broke away from Russia  in 1991. On July 16, 1991 Ukraine declared independence from the former Soviet Union. A new country, starting out on its own. The current currency is called hryvnia (pronounced grivna).
If you keep up with current events world wide you will know that the fight for freedom is daily. The Ukrainian president, Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned. Who did it? You have to come to your own conclusion on that. Lets just say, he is for FREEDOM!
Corruption! Poverty! Hopelessness!
It is estimated that in Kiev alone there are over 25,000 homeless children. Thousands of children from 3 years old up through their teens live under buildings, they are old bomb shelters from the war. The children are brought to the Government Shelter (where I worked) by the police. They are wild. The shelter is made up of two parts. For the wild kids, fresh off the streets, it is called the Isolator. The other area, for tame kids,  is called the Shelter. I worked in both areas and will share many stories and photos.
The kids in the Isolator do try to run away. So the area they are in, looks like a jail. They feel just like an caged animal. Many do not know how to eat with a fork, spoon or knife. They do not know anything about manners or even the simple things of living. Some do escape, back to the streets. Others begin to let their guard down, and start to feel!
This was one of the hardest parts for me. After two weeks of crafts, skits, stories and special outings...we pack up and leave. Back to the United States. I prayed to God, to be sure they knew we loved them and so did Jesus. Our last night we had a party, they called it a DISCO. We gave out candy, glow sticks, balloons and ice cream cones. As I hugged them goodbye I remind them I loved them and to remember, Jesus Loved them. I would point to the heart and tell them to keep Jesus!
More to come...from this missions trip that changed me!

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