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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Atticus and what does he smell?

Last night we asked Atticus to let our dog, Molly out. He opened the door to let Molly out, then he stepped outside and took a big breath (smell he says). He came over to me and Jeremy and announces"It smells like snow!" This was music to my ears. I love winter and can not wait for snow. I love to cross country ski. My nine year old smells snow! YES!!! We woke this morning to a beautiful sparkling frost. I woke Atticus up for school and told him about the frost. He told me again, "I smell snow."  I answer back, "I hope you do, Honey, I hope you do!"
After a fresh snow everything looks so clean, far fewer people are out and about. Animals seem to be less wary in winter. Probably because they are conserving energy. But they do seem to be less shy. One time out on a ski, I skied right next to a snowshoe hare! My advice is to dress warm and get out in the snow. The book, hot chocolate and fireplace will be waiting when you get back!
I smell snow!

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