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Friday, November 4, 2011

Wisconsin Cranberries part 1

Cranberry Fun Facts
Wisconsin has led the nation in cranberry production since 1993. In 2009 Wisconsin produced more than 57% of the nation's crop.
Give or take there are approximately 450 cranberries in a pound, 4,500 cranberries in a gallon of juice and 45,000 berries in a barrel (100 pounds).
Cranberries have long been Wisconsin's #1 fruit crop. In fact cranberry growing is a family tradition that dates back to the 1860's. Wisconsin leads the country in cranberry production. Today there are about 275 cranberry marshes in Wisconsin comprising approximately 198,000 acres of land in 18 of Wisconsin's 72 counties. 
Copper River Cranberry Marsh
My sister and husband are part owners of Copper River Cranberry Marsh, located in Merrill, WI. My sister's husband is the manager of the marsh. Farming cranberries is very interesting. Frost watch is very demanding, staying up into the early morning, to be sure you do not have a problem. The Harvest is a beautiful time of year....all the read berries. We are blessed to receive cranberries as gifts.
 A bed of cranberries in the summer.
Starting a new bed of berries.

Many views of the marsh. Another advantage of living on the marsh, is all the wildlife. My sister has seen fawns curled up in the cranberry beds. Deer, ducks, loon, geese, swans, bear and even wolves have been reported on the marsh. It is a fun place to visit and of course a great treat to receive berries.
Part II - Fresh Cranberries...coming up next!

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