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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ukraine continued

We took a day to treat another group of children, from the Sonshine House...an orphanage just outside of Kiev. We met the children at the train station. The train station was heavily guarded with soilders carrying big guns! We met up with the children and all were excited to meet us. We treated them to a day out. We took a boat ride, ate at McDonalds!!! (eating at McDonalds is a big thing for little kids all around the world) and went to an amusment park. 

My roommate during the missions trip...pictured above is with a little girl named Maria. I am below with Elia and Vassa. We went boating. It as a little scary for me, because when we started out Vassa was rowing, he is the older boy in the photo. But he began to panic about the water. He did not like being out on the water, he tried to get out. He was rocking the boat. Note we do not have life jackets on. Seat belts, life jackets and many other things are not used in Ukraine, like they are in the United States. I had to calm him down and switch places with him, with out flipping the boat. With the help of Elia, we did it. Elia became my buddy for the day. He reminded me of my little boys back at home. Of course that made me cry. But I was so happy to give him love and attention. He loved maps. When I got back, I mailed him a package with several maps enclosed. I marked the Wisconsin map for him of where I lived.
Our group and the kids from the Sonshine House.

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