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Friday, November 30, 2012

On The Road Friday

 Today, we will head back to Texas.
We visited the Alamo in March. This was an amazing adventure for us. On our ride home back to Wisconsin, we talked over and over again about the Alamo. It had an great impact on our boys. The price for freedom is definitely taught here at the Alamo.
 To start your visit, I would suggest watching... Alamo...The Price of Freedom at the Imax Theatre Rivercenter. The movie wows the kids and gives perspective on the historical site.
 After the movie, head over to the real site. The battle and the importance of this time in history, fresh in your mind.
 The city is built up around the Alamo, but once inside, you feel like it is just the Alamo...not the city of San Antonio.
Bullet holes in the rock.

 During our study of the Alamo, I fell in love with Colonel William B. Travis. It was so sad to watch him die.

 I appreciated this sign!
 Gentlemen remove hats.
Texas has made it very clear that the Alamo is a place that is to be respected. I appreciated it. It was refreshing that others did too. The men who held the Alamo, were very brave.
Remembering the Alamo!
God Bless!


  1. What a wonderful adventure. I am sure being at the Alamo, in March, a place of such historical value felt like you were part of all that was so important there. Beautiful pictures.

  2. oh lucky you!!! I have 2 kids who are history buffs and would love love love to visit here....on our bucket list!!
    enjoyed the photos!!

  3. Respect is refreshing! History is full of sacrifice and things to learn from. I love how you travel and share these things....=)


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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