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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Table Decorations

Each Thanksgiving I make the table decorations. Several years ago I made name tags. My mom liked them so much she continues to use them year after year. Earlier this month I shared my plan to make bags of  Pretzel Pumpkins. I also made Indian Corn Poppers. What are Indian Corn Poppers? Well, you use a paper towel roll or toilet paper roll and fill it with treats. I used Kit Kat bars, stickers and added a question. We have a fun game called Family Dinner Table Topics. I had Sam and Atticus look for some fun questions to put into the poppers. Here is an example of some of the fun questions. Which wild animal would you like to tame and keep as a pet?  If you lived during the Gold Rush would you have journeyed West to strike it rich? If you could speak another language which would you choose?

Putting it all together. Our bag of pumpkin pretzels  and our Indian Corn Popper.

Once we sit down and say our Thanksgiving prayer we open our poppers. Each year I put something new in for a prize and we put some fun fact, question or trivia inside for each family member to read out loud. We are excited to see what our family thinks of our Thanksgiving Poppers this year.

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  1. What a clever and fun idea!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving, Carla. :-)♥


High Fives from Wisconsin!