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Friday, May 10, 2013

On The Road Friday to Crystal Cave

 Explore 70 feet below in Wisconsin's longest cave, Crystal Cave. Not only get to see cool rock formations, and go down, down, down. You get to see bats! Crystal Cave is the home to four different kind of bats.
As my story continues, I will let you in on a secret. I am not a fan of bats. I dislike spiders more then bats, but I really don't want to hang out with either.
From a past experience (a blog post for another day) I dressed BAT PROOF. My favorite turtle neck (so nothing decided to drop down my neck). My winter hat (so nothing would decide to go into my hair). And gloves!
Okay, I am ready.
Just as we are to venture down, our tour guide shares with us the bats should have left the cave already. But because of the XXL WINTER we are having, they are getting a bit restless.
The guide reminds us to keep our voices soft, do not take flash photos of the bats and do not get close to them.

The first group of sleeping bats we see, the younger kids in our tour start to shout, "We found the bats." 
I know they can not help it, they are excited to see bats in a cave. But, I did get a little nervous, waiting for one to let go.
For the rest of the story...the tour was great. Our guide was amazing and I made it to the end of the tour with out getting scared about the bats. Our tour was just over an hour.

As our tour guide was thanking us, and taking us out of the cave, four bats started to fly around and around. 
I was leaving just in time.

Crystal Cave is located in Spring Valley, Wisconsin.
A beautiful little town.

The boys loved the cave.
If you are planning a trip to Wisconsin this summer, put Crystal Cave on your tour list. It is perfect for a hot day, the cave stays a refreshing 50 degrees and is dry.   
 Down inside the cave.
 Another twist and turn.
In the past you were allowed to put a coin in the cave wall. 
As of 2013 Crystal Cave has new owners. They have found that putting coins in the cave walls is not a great idea. 
Crystal Cave has a great gift shop too. The boys love rocks, so this was a great day.

Thank you for coming along!


  1. Bats- I just shudder at the thought. (I can't wait to hear about your past experience with them). I don't think I would be able to visit there. I've had them in the house a few times and I don't handle that well.

  2. Wow. You are one brave momma! What a fun family outing.

  3. The thing we do for love. You should have sent Jeremy in with the boys and you could have waited for them outside. The cave sounds interesting but not the bats.

  4. Funny, I'm not fond of spiders, and bats either...

    Very brave of you to go down there with them.


  5. Goodness, sounds like a fun adventure! Oh bats and spiders, not my thing. lol. Great pictures!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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