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Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to a special couple...my parents.
This weekend we helped them celebrate 40 years of marriage.
Last week I was sent this sweet video, it is only 3 minutes. I hope you can take a moment to watch it. It is so sweet and full of love. And made me think of my own marriage. What a special gift it is, to married to my best friend.
The first time you kissed me...time stopped!
Happily ever after was just the beginning.
 We also celebrated two fun birthdays, my aunt Sally who turned 60 and my uncle Paul who turned 70.

We enjoyed one big party and celebrated so many good things.

I hope you all had great weekends.


  1. Happy Anniversary to your parents!!! And birthdays to your aunt and uncle!

  2. What a weekend! congratulations to your parents. :)


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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