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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Old Fashioned Weather Forcasting

 When clouds appear like towers, the Earth is refreshed by frequent showers.
Large, white clouds that look like cauliflower or castles in the sky indicate a lot of changing weather going on inside. Harmless clouds look like billowy cotton, not towers. If the clouds start to swell and turn gray, they'll probably turn into thunderstorms.
 Rainbow in the morning gives you fair warning.
A rainbow in the morning indicates a shower is to the west and you will most likely get rain.
 Ring around the moon? Rain real soon.
A ring around the moon usually signals an advancing warm front, which means precipitation. Under those conditions, high, thin clouds get lower and thicker as they pass over the moon. Ice crystals are reflected by the moon's light, causing a halo to appear.
Clear moon, frost soon.
When the night sky is clear, Earth's surface cools rapidly and there is no cloud cover to keep the heat in.  If the night is clear enough to see the moon and the temperature drops enough, frost will form.


  1. Great post, Carla! And I love that first photo especially. :-)

  2. Wow!!! Real neat, gotta love the old weather report, Francine.

  3. What an interesting post. I loved all the pictures you used!

  4. Wow! How do you get all that information? Love the pictures, too. Hugs, Joy

  5. This post reminds me of my grandpa because that's how he used to tell me about weather. Gosh, I miss him.

  6. I love this old fashioned weather forecasting! My grandma knows a lot about this and I always enjoy when she tells me about the older methods for doing things.

    PS - Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I'm glad you stopped by for a visit :)


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