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Monday, August 18, 2014

A Story To Tell

What would this homestead tell us if it could talk?
On our trip West we saw several old homesteads, or ghost towns?

Oh, I wish these walls could speak to me.

 Wind, rain, snow and these buildings still stand.

 Who lived here? Why did they move on?

 Do you ever wonder what happened to the families of abandoned homesteads?

Have you ever been brave and peeked into the windows of an abandoned building?

 If only these walls could talk.

And tell us the story.



  1. Hi Carla,
    Love your post today. I too look at old abandoned places and think wow the history and memories made in these wonderful places. I too wonder why someone would move on from these places too. Gorgeous pictures. The wood alone in some of these places would be wonderful to re love into new pieces. Have a great start to the new week.

  2. I do wonder about old abandoned buildings. I've never been brave enough to sneak a peek, though.
    I notice these buildings seem to be very isolated.

  3. I often wonder that, then I start thinking of the things my husband could use some of the recycled timber for, if we had access to it.

  4. I have often seen old abandoned homes and thought how majestic they once were..and such a shame that they were left to rot away. Janice

  5. It's so open compared to all of our hills! I do often wonder about abandoned properties. As far as looking in any windows, I haven't. I think I watch to many scary tv shows and movies to do that!

  6. As a small child, we visited ghost towns from the Colorado mining days. Most of these are now gone, but I do remember wondering about the people that lived there. One small cabin I remember had newspaper pasted to the boards to keep the wind out. Such strong, resilient people.
    Love your photos, Carla.

  7. I feel the same way Carla ~ aren't they just fascinating.
    The tales they could tell , if only walls could talk .
    Great photos !

  8. I LOVE looking at old homes and wondering what happened there and who lived there. Sometimes if they look safe enough I go and look at them. On you tube there is a guy who has a channel dedicated to going all over the country and looking at abandoned houses.Its really neat. :)
    Is there any abandoned houses you have found really interesting around here?

  9. it's fascinating...and sad to see abandoned land and buildings

  10. I would love to know too! Great photos!

  11. I wonder that sort of thing all the time. Someone lived there, maybe a family where did they all go? What happened to the property? We will never know.

  12. I'm always drawn to those buildings...and yes I ask myself the same questions.



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